Getting Started With the Web Console

The Web Console is a web-based user interface that allows you to search the Registry and to publish content to the Registry and Repository. This section describes the preliminary steps to follow before you can perform these operations.

Starting the Web Console

To start the Web Console, type the following URL into a web browser:


For example:


If the Registry is installed on your system, the hostname is localhost. If the Registry is not installed on your system, use the name of the system where the Registry is installed. The port value is usually 8080 unless there is a port conflict.

The Web Console has the following main sections:

Note: At this release, the top right corner of the Web Console lists the Current User as Registry Guest. In fact, the user is Registry Operator; that is the user identity under which all objects will be published.

Changing the Default Language

You can change the default language for the display of two kinds of information:

Changing the Default Language for Labels and Messages

The Web Console's labels and messages can be displayed in the languages listed in Table 7-1.

Table 7-1 Languages Supported by the Web Console 
Simplified Chinese (China)
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
English (United States)
French (Canada)

To change the language from the default, follow these steps:

  1. Add the language to your web browser language preferences by following the instructions for the web browser.
  2. For most browsers you can find the language settings in the General area of the Internet Options, Options, or Preferences dialog box.

  3. Make the language your preferred language by placing it first in the list of languages.
  4. Click the Reset Locale button.
  5. The labels appear in the appropriate language.

Changing the Default Language for Registry Content

You can publish content to the registry in any of the languages shown in the Content Language drop-down list in the top banner area, if the language is supported on your system. The default is the language setting for your web browser.

To change the language from the default, choose the language from the Content Language drop-down list.