22.1 Installing and Configuring Oracle HTTP Server 11g (

If you do not have an existing Oracle HTTP Server 11g ( installation, you can install Oracle HTTP Server and patch it to the latest version

Oracle HTTP Server is included in the Oracle Web Tier 11g Installer, you must download the Oracle Web Tier 11g ( Installer from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN):


Alternatively, you can download the latest Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g software from the following website:



For information about installing and configuring Oracle HTTP Server 11g (, see the "Installing Oracle Web Tier" topic in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Web Tier. For information about patching Oracle HTTP Server to using the Patch Set Installer, see the "Applying the Latest Oracle Fusion Middleware Patch Set" topic in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Patching Guide.

After you install and configure Oracle HTTP Server, a working instance of Oracle HTTP Server is configured in an Instance Home.