MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 7.5 and NDB Cluster 7.6 Status Variable Summary Tables


The value of the show_compatibility_56 system variable affects the information available from the tables described here. For details, see the description of that variable in Section 5.1.7, “Server System Variables”.

The Performance Schema makes status variable information available in the tables described in Section 25.12.14, “Performance Schema Status Variable Tables”. It also makes aggregated status variable information available in summary tables, described here. Each status variable summary table has one or more grouping columns to indicate how the table aggregates status values:

Each status variable summary table has this summary column containing aggregated values:

The meaning of account in these tables is similar to its meaning in the MySQL grant tables in the mysql system database, in the sense that the term refers to a combination of user and host values. They differ in that, for grant tables, the host part of an account can be a pattern, whereas for Performance Schema tables, the host value is always a specific nonpattern host name.

Account status is collected when sessions terminate. The session status counters are added to the global status counters and the corresponding account status counters. If account statistics are not collected, the session status is added to host and user status, if host and user status are collected.

Account, host, and user statistics are not collected if the performance_schema_accounts_size, performance_schema_hosts_size, and performance_schema_users_size system variables, respectively, are set to 0.

The Performance Schema supports TRUNCATE TABLE for status variable summary tables as follows; in all cases, status for active sessions is unaffected:

FLUSH STATUS adds the session status from all active sessions to the global status variables, resets the status of all active sessions, and resets account, host, and user status values aggregated from disconnected sessions.