12 Changes in MySQL 5.7.12 (2016-04-11, General Availability)

Starting with MySQL Server 5.7.12, we are introducing the concept of Rapid Plugins. Out of the box, 5.7.12 follows the same stability promise as our current release process, but it also allows for plugins with additional functionality to be installed very easily. The first plugin to be released with MySQL Server 5.7.12 following this concept is the new X Plugin, which exposes a new communications protocol called the X Protocol.

The expanded capabilities of the X Protocol enable us to provide the new X DevAPI in our MySQL Connectors and Client applications, like the new MySQL Shell. The goal of the X DevAPI is to support a new schema object type called document collections as well as relational and combined document store/relational capabilities. Now developers, designers and DBAs can deploy MySQL databases that implement document store, relational, or hybrid document/relation models. For documentation about how to get started using MySQL as a document store, see Using MySQL as a Document Store.

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