MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

12.17.4 Functions That Create Geometry Values from WKB Values

These functions take as arguments a BLOB containing a Well-Known Binary (WKB) representation and, optionally, a spatial reference system identifier (SRID). They return the corresponding geometry. For a description of WKB format, see Well-Known Binary (WKB) Format.

Functions in this section detect arguments in either Cartesian or geographic spatial reference systems (SRSs), and return results appropriate to the SRS.

ST_GeomFromWKB() accepts a WKB value of any geometry type as its first argument. Other functions provide type-specific construction functions for construction of geometry values of each geometry type.

Prior to MySQL 8.0, these functions also accepted geometry objects as returned by the functions in Section 12.17.5, “MySQL-Specific Functions That Create Geometry Values”. Geometry arguments are no longer permitted and produce an error. To migrate calls from using geometry arguments to using WKB arguments, follow these guidelines:

Unless otherwise specified, functions in this section handle their geometry arguments as follows:

These functions are available for creating geometries from WKB values: