MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

15.8.10 Configuring Optimizer Statistics for InnoDB

This section describes how to configure persistent and non-persistent optimizer statistics for InnoDB tables.

Persistent optimizer statistics are persisted across server restarts, allowing for greater plan stability and more consistent query performance. Persistent optimizer statistics also provide control and flexibility with these additional benefits:

The persistent optimizer statistics feature is enabled by default (innodb_stats_persistent=ON).

Non-persistent optimizer statistics are cleared on each server restart and after some other operations, and recomputed on the next table access. As a result, different estimates could be produced when recomputing statistics, leading to different choices in execution plans and variations in query performance.

This section also provides information about estimating ANALYZE TABLE complexity, which may be useful when attempting to achieve a balance between accurate statistics and ANALYZE TABLE execution time.