MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

22.4.15 ndb_move_data — NDB Data Copy Utility

ndb_move_data copies data from one NDB table to another.


The program is invoked with the names of the source and target tables; either or both of these may be qualified optionally with the database name. Both tables must use the NDB storage engine.

ndb_move_data options source target

The following table includes options that are specific to ndb_move_data. Additional descriptions follow the table. For options common to most NDB Cluster programs (including ndb_move_data), see Section 22.4.31, “Options Common to NDB Cluster Programs — Options Common to NDB Cluster Programs”.

Table 22.293 Command-line options for the ndb_move_data program

Format Description Added, Deprecated, or Removed


Dump core on permanent error (debug option)

All NDB 8.0 releases


Directory where character sets are

All NDB 8.0 releases



Name of the database in which the table is found

All NDB 8.0 releases


Drop source table after all rows have been moved

All NDB 8.0 releases


Insert random temporary errors (testing option)

All NDB 8.0 releases


Ignore extra columns in source or target table

All NDB 8.0 releases



Allow attribute data to be truncated when converted to a smaller type

All NDB 8.0 releases



Allow attribute data to be converted to a larger type

All NDB 8.0 releases


Specify tries on temporary errors. Format is x[,y[,z]] where x=max tries (0=no limit), y=min delay (ms), z=max delay (ms)

All NDB 8.0 releases


Enable verbose messages

All NDB 8.0 releases