MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

23.4.17 ndb_print_backup_file — Print NDB Backup File Contents

ndb_print_backup_file obtains diagnostic information from a cluster backup file.

Table 23.39 Command-line options used with the program ndb_print_backup_file

Format Description Added, Deprecated, or Removed



Use this password to decrypt file

ADDED: NDB 8.0.22


Get decryption password in a secure fashion from STDIN

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24



Control directory number

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24



Fragment ID

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24





Print usage information

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24



Do not print rows

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24



Print header words

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24


Print restored rows

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24



Print rows. Enabled by default; disable with --no-print-rows

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24


Print rows per page

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24



File containing row ID to check for

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24



Show ignored rows

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24



Table ID

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24



Verbosity level

ADDED: NDB 8.0.24


ndb_print_backup_file [-P password] file_name

file_name is the name of a cluster backup file. This can be any of the files (.Data, .ctl, or .log file) found in a cluster backup directory. These files are found in the data node's backup directory under the subdirectory BACKUP-#, where # is the sequence number for the backup. For more information about cluster backup files and their contents, see Section, “NDB Cluster Backup Concepts”.

Like ndb_print_schema_file and ndb_print_sys_file (and unlike most of the other NDB utilities that are intended to be run on a management server host or to connect to a management server) ndb_print_backup_file must be run on a cluster data node, since it accesses the data node file system directly. Because it does not make use of the management server, this utility can be used when the management server is not running, and even when the cluster has been completely shut down.

In NDB 8.0.17 and later, this program can also be used to read undo log files.


Prior to NDB 8.0.24 and later, ndb_print_backup_file supported only the -P option. Beginning with NDB 8.0.24, the program supports a number of options, which are described in the following list.