MySQL™ Cluster Manager 1.4.8 User Manual

3.4.1 Creating a MySQL NDB Cluster with MySQL Cluster Manager

In this section, we discuss the procedure for using MySQL Cluster Manager to create and start a new MySQL NDB Cluster. We assume that you have already obtained the MySQL Cluster Manager and MySQL NDB Cluster software, and that you are already familiar with installing MySQL Cluster Manager (see Chapter 2, MySQL Cluster Manager Installation, Configuration, Cluster Setup).

MySQL Cluster Manager also supports importing existing, standalone MySQL NDB Clusters; for more information, see Section 3.5, “Importing MySQL NDB Clusters into MySQL Cluster Manager”.

We also assume that you have identified the hosts on which you plan to run the cluster and have decided on the types and distributions of the different types of nodes among these hosts, as well as basic configuration requirements based on these factors and the hardware characteristics of the host machines.


You can create and start a MySQL NDB Cluster on a single host for testing or similar purposes, simply by invoking mcmd with the --bootstrap option. See Section 3.2, “Starting and Stopping the MySQL Cluster Manager Agent”.

Creating a new cluster consists of the following tasks: