MySQL™ Cluster Manager 1.4.8 User Manual

3.1 mcmd, the MySQL Cluster Manager Agent

mcmd is the MySQL Cluster Manager agent program; invoking this executable starts the MySQL Cluster Manager Agent, to which you can connect using the mcm client (see Section 3.3, “Starting the MySQL Cluster Manager Client”, and Chapter 4, MySQL Cluster Manager Client Commands, for more information).

You can modify the behavior of the agent in a number of different ways by specifying one or more of the options discussed in this sections. Most of these options can be specified either on the command line or in the agent configuration file (normally etc/mcmd.ini). (Some exceptions include the --defaults-file and --bootstrap options, which, if used, must be specified on the command line, and which are mutually exclusive with one another.) For example, you can set the agent's cluster logging level to warning instead than the default message in either one of the following two ways:

The following table contains a summary of agent options that are read on startup by mcmd. More detailed information about each of these options, such as allowed range of values, can be found in the list following the table.

Table 3.1 MySQL Cluster Manager Agent (mcmd) Option Summary

Option Name Description Introduced
--agent-uuid Set the agent's UUID; needed only when running multiple agent processes on the same host
--basedir Directory to use as prefix for relative paths in the configuration
--bootstrap Bootstrap a default cluster on startup
--copy-port Specify the port for file copy operations 1.4.2
--daemon Run in daemon mode. The option applies only to Linux and other Unix-like platforms
--defaults-file Configuration file to use
--event-threads Number of event handler threads to use
--help Show application options
--help-all Show all options (application options and manager module options)
--help-manager Show manager module options
--initial Wipes the contents in the agent's configuration store after making a backup 1.4.7
--keepalive Try to restart mcmd in the event of a crash. The option applies only to Linux and other Unix-like platforms
--log-backtrace-on-crash Attempt to load debugger in case of a crash
--log-file Name of the file to write the log to
--log-level Set the mcmd logging level
--log-use-syslog Log to syslog
--manager-directory Directory used for manager data storage
--manager-password Password for the mcmd user-account
--manager-port Port for client to use when connecting to manager
--manager-username Username for the mcmd user-account
--max-open-files Maximum number of open files (ulimit -n)
--pid-file Specify PID file (used if running as daemon)
--plugin-dir Directory in which to look for plugins
--plugins Comma-separated list of plugins to load; must include "manager"
--verbose-shutdown Always log the exit code when shutting down
--version Show the manager version
--xcom-port Specify the XCOM port

MySQL Cluster Manager Agent (mcmd) Option Descriptions

The following list contains descriptions of each startup option available for use with mcmd, including allowed and default values. Options with their Type unmentioned need only be specified in order to take effect; you should not try to set a value for them.