MySQL for Visual Studio Release Notes

4.4 Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.1.1 (Not released, Internal, Beta)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • With MySQL for Visual Studio 1.0.2, the registration of the Data provider in the machine.config file was done by the installation of MySQL for Visual Studio. From MySQL for Visual Studio 1.1.1 onwards, the registration is no longer performed by MySQL for Visual Studio, but is performed during the installation of Connector/NET (from 6.8.1 and on). Also, the registration is no longer needed when using MySQL for Visual Studio only.

  • Added support for Entity Framework 6 for creating a model using Database First and Model First. This feature requires Connector/NET 6.8.1.

Bugs Fixed

  • When trying to edit or alter a stored procedure or trigger that included references to session variables, an error occurred and the changes were not saved, unless Allow User Variables=true was in the connection settings. Besides stopping the error, this fix also stops similar issues with renaming stored procedure or trigger using Alter Routine. (Bug #17830161)

  • Generation of database from a simple model failed in Visual Studio 2012.


    For this fix to work, you have to select the correct DDL Generation Template as an entity property. Also, there is a known issue found with Visual Studio 2010, which forces the user to go back and forth between steps in order to create the SQL script.

    (Bug #17800707, Bug #67964)