Class Summary
EnterpriseObject The EnterpriseObject class represents a compilation of all objects associated with a single entity in the master index database.
EnterpriseObjectHistory The EnterpriseObjectHistory class represents the enterprise objects (class EnterpriseObject) involved in a specific transaction.
ObjectField The ObjectField class defines the fields contained in an object node (ObjectNode class.
ObjectNode The ObjectNode class performs the following functions: Maintains object control flags (UPDATE, REMOVE, and ADD).
SBR The SBR class represents the information about an entity that is considered to be the most accurate information from all external systems.
SystemObject The SystemObject class represents information sent to the master index from external systems.
SystemObjectPK The SystemObjectPK class represents a system code and local ID pair.
TransactionObject The TransactionObject class represents a transaction object as stored in the master index database table sbyn_transaction.

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