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Oracle Site Hub User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E12525-06
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Oracle Site Hub User's Guide


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Overview of Site Hub

Overview of Site Hub
Overview of Site Hub User Roles
      Administrator Role
      Site User Role

Setting Up

Setting Up Oracle Site Hub
Defining Lookups and Profile Options

Role Based Security

Overview of Role Based Security Access
      Role Based Viewing and Editing Ability
Setting Up Role Based Access Control
Creating User Defined Privileges
Viewing and Defining User Groups
Viewing and Defining Roles
Viewing and Assigning Roles

Site Hub Administrator

Overview of Administrator Role
      Site, Location, Trade Area, and Hierarchy Attributes
Site Attributes
Viewing and Creating Site Attribute Assignments
Creating Attributes
Location Attributes
Viewing and Creating Location Attribute Assignments
Viewing and Creating Trade Area Groups
Trade Area Group Attribute Groups
Viewing and Creating Trade Area Group Attribute Assignments
Hierarchy Attributes
Viewing and Creating Hierarchy Attribute Assignments
Creating Hierarchy Attribute Pages
Viewing and Defining Hierarchy Display Settings
Defining Hierarchy Relationship Rules
Setting Up Search Functions
Setting Import Formats
Defining Site Map Preferences
Site Geocoder Program
Using the Import Interface
Associating Value Sets to Attributes
Viewing and Creating User Defined Functions

Site Management

Overview of Site Management
Searching for Information
Viewing Site Information
Creating Sites
Updating Site Records
Copying Attribute Groups
Comparing Sites
Viewing and Creating Site Clusters
Viewing and Creating Site Templates
Creating Site Assets
Creating Property Locations for Sites
Creating and Assigning Inventory Organizations to Sites

Site Hierarchies

Overview of Site Hierarchies
Viewing Site Hierarchies
Creating Hierarchies
Using the Hierarchy Workbench

Navigator Paths

Site Hub Navigation Paths

Custom Hierarchy Page

Setting Up a Custom Hierarchy Page