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Oracle Advanced Scheduler User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E12788-04
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Oracle Advanced Scheduler User Guide


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Understanding Oracle Advanced Scheduler

Overview of Oracle Advanced Scheduler
Key Features of Advanced Scheduler
How Advanced Scheduler Functionality Works
      Advanced Scheduler Process Flow
      Scheduling Process
      Scheduling Preferences
Scheduling Modes Used by the Advanced Scheduler
      Intelligent Mode
      Window-to-Promise Mode
      Assisted Mode
Methods for Running Advanced Scheduler
Autonomous Scheduler
Scheduling Based on Parts Availability
Calculating Travel Time and Distance
Costing Schedule Options
Releasing Work (Committing Tasks) to Technicians
Inspection and Preventive Maintenance
How Advanced Scheduler Relates to the E-Business Suite

Using Oracle Advanced Scheduler

Scheduling with Oracle Advanced Scheduler
Accessing the Schedule Task Window
Using the Schedule Task Window
Using Advanced Scheduler in the Dispatch Center
Using Additional Features of the Advanced Scheduler
      Working With Tasks Durations Longer Than a Standard Shift
      Working With Customer Confirmations
      Scheduling With Access or After Hours Requirements
      Defining Task Access Hours or After Hours Constraints for a Specific Task
      Scheduling Tasks With Dependencies
      Making Trip Adjustments
      Optimizing Technician Schedules Across Trips
      Understanding the Optimization Across Trips Functionality
      Running the Optimization Across Trips Concurrent Program
Third Party Scheduling and Management
      Specifying Resource Preference
      Understanding Scheduling Considerations
      Managing Third Party Tasks

Windows and Navigation Paths

Overview of Field Service Windows and Navigation Paths
Windows and Navigator Paths