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Oracle E-Business Suite System Administrator's Guide - Maintenance
Release 12.1
Part Number E12894-04
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Oracle E-Business Suite System Administrator's Guide - Maintenance


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Introduction to This Manual
Other Volumes for System Administrators

Managing Concurrent Processing and Concurrent Programs

Overview of Concurrent Processing
      Concurrent Requests, Programs, and Processes
      Life cycle of a concurrent request
Service Management
      Network Failure Recovery
      Failover Sensitive Workshifts
Managing Concurrent Processing with Oracle Applications Manager
      Service Instances
      Status Overview
      OAM Generic Collection Service
      Concurrent Processing Charts and Reports
Multilingual Support for Concurrent Requests
      Request Submission
      Runtime Behavior
      MLS Functions
Multiple Organizations Reporting
The Output Post Processor
Delivery Options for Concurrent Request Output
Managing Delivery Options
Reviewing Requests, Request Log Files, and Report Output Files
      How To View Request Status and Output
      How to Modify Request Diagnostic Output
      Setting End User Report and Log File Access Privileges
      Defining the Reports Viewer
      Viewing HTML Report Output
      Online Report Review using Other Applications
Changing the Status of Concurrent Requests and Request Sets
      Changing a Request's Phase and Status
      Changing the Priority of a Pending or Inactive request
      Managing Request Sets
Controlling Concurrent Managers
      Manager States
      Controlling Managers from the Administer Managers form
Controlling the Internal Concurrent Manager from the Operating System
Managing Concurrent Processing Files and Tables
      Maintenance Suggestions
Managing Parallel Concurrent Processing
      Defining Concurrent Managers
      Administering Concurrent Managers
Concurrent Processing User Profile Settings
Managing Concurrent Programs and Requests
      Request Sets Report
      Report Parameters
      Report Headings
      Report Group Responsibilities Report
      Report Parameters
      Concurrent Program Details Report
      Report Parameters
      Report Headings
      Concurrent Programs Report
      Report Parameters
      Report Headings
Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data Program
      Report Options

Oracle Workflow Manager

Oracle Workflow Manager Overview
Service Components
Notification Mailers
Agent Listeners
Java Agent Listeners
Web Services Outbound
Background Engines
Purging Workflow Data
Workflow Control Queue Cleanup
Active Work Items
Deferred Work Items
Suspended Work Items
Errored Work Items
Queue Propagation

Monitoring Oracle E-Business Suite

Overview of Monitoring Oracle E-Business Suite
The Applications Dashboard
Additional Monitoring in Oracle Applications Manager
System Alerts, Metrics, and Logs

Administering Oracle E-Business Suite Secure Enterprise Search

Overview of Oracle E-Business Suite Secure Enterprise Search
Performing Administrative and Setup Tasks
      Creating a Search Administrator
      Setting Up Oracle E-Business Suite Secure Enterprise Search
      Setting Up Oracle E-Business Suite Secure Enterprise Search for Oracle SES Integration
Securing Searchable Objects
      Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Security
      Search Security Plug-ins
      User Authorization Cache
Administering Searchable Objects
      Securing Searchable Objects Using Security Grants
      Deploying Searchable Objects to Oracle SES
      Administering Crawls in Oracle SES
Testing Oracle E-Business Suite Secure Enterprise Search Setups
Additional Administrative Tasks
      Managing Crawling Schedules
      Optimizing Indexes
Error Messages

Technology Inventory Utility

Technology Inventory Utility

Diagnostics and Repair in Oracle Applications Manager

Diagnostics in Oracle Applications Manager
Diagnostic Utilities
Support Cart
Oracle Applications Manager Log

Patching and Maintenance with Oracle Applications Manager

Patching and Maintenance Tools
Patch Impact Analysis
Managing Downtime in Restricted Mode
Purging in Oracle Applications Manager

License Manager

License Manager

User Profiles

Overview of Setting User Profiles
      Major Features
      Setting Profile Options
      Using Profile Options in Other Oracle E-Business Suite Features
      Examples of User Profile Options
      Profile Categories
User Profile Option Values Report
      Report Parameters
      Report Headings

Profile Options in Oracle Application Object Library

Profile Options in Oracle Application Object Library

Using Predefined Alerts

Overview of Oracle Alert
      Basic Business Needs
      Oracle Alert Runtime Features
      Alert Definitions
Predefined Alerts
      Using Predefined Alerts
      Customizing Predefined Alerts
Oracle Alert Precoded Alerts
      Oracle Alert DBA Alerts
      Applications DBA Alerts Descriptions
      Oracle Alert Purging Alerts
      Oracle Alert Purging Alerts Descriptions