Oracle Manufacturing Execution System for Discrete Manufacturing User's Guide


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Overview Oracle MES for Discrete Manufacturing

Overview of Oracle MES for Discrete Manufacturing
      Distributed MES for Discrete Manufacturing

MES Administrator

MES Administrator

MES Workstation

Overview of the MES Workstation
Workstation Startup and Initialization Modes
Viewing Dispatch Lists
Viewing Work Content
Job Operation Actions
      Updating Job Notes
      Job Component Transactions
Moving and Completing Assemblies
Overview of Serialized Manufacturing Transactions
Searching for Serialized Jobs and Performing Express Moves
Creating Move Transactions for Serialized Jobs
Viewing Job Information
Reporting Exceptions
Returning Assemblies
Shop Floor Time Entry

MES Supervisor Workbench

Overview of the MES Supervisor Workbench
Monitoring Shop Floor Progress
Viewing and Resolving Exceptions
Assigning Alternate Resources
Rescheduling Operations
Changing Shopfloor Statuses
Job Operations and the Dispatch List
Expedite and Undo Expedite

Global Actions

Global Actions
Printing the Discrete Job Routing Sheet
Report Resource Usage
Searching for Jobs

Navigator Paths

MES for Discrete Navigator Paths

MES for Discrete Manufacturing Workflow

WIP Exception Notification Workflow

MES Client Extensions

Overview of MES Client Extensions
      Ready Status
      Transaction Validation
      Component Shortage Calculation
Integration with Time and Attendance Systems