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Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13395-04
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Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony Implementation Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony

Overview of Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony
Overview of Integration Types
Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony Integration
Supported Modes
Supported Modes and Certified Switch and Middleware Combinations
Oracle Telephony Adapter Server
Active Mode Priority Queueing for Web Callbacks
Active-Standby Mode Configuration
Load Balancing
Interaction Keys
Customer Data Lookup
Web Callback Routing and Classifications
Web Callbacks
Web Callback Routes
Call Scenarios
Screen Pops
      Out-of-the-Box Screen Pops
IVR Integration
Access to Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony

Dependencies and Integration Points

Installing Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony
Upgrading Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony Configurations
Conditional Dependencies
Required CTI Middleware Client API Software
Installation and Dependency Verification

Implementation Overview

Implementation Task Sequence

Implementation and Administration Tasks

Configuring Middleware
Configuring Route Points
Configuring Teleset Lines
Mapping IVR Fields
Configuring Multi-Sites
Creating and Updating Interaction Keys
Configuring Softphone
Configuring Classifications
Configuring Routes
Configuring Agent Telephony Parameters
Managing Media Item Processes
Setting Up Workflow Item Type

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Error Messages
Softphone Performance Issues and Solutions

Middleware Parameter Equivalents Across Releases

Envox CT Connect / Intel NetMerge Call Processing Software Parameter Equivalents
Cisco Intelligent Contact Management Parameter Equivalents

Data Type Operators and Media Type Values for Rules

Operators for Data Type: String
Operators for Data Type: Number
Operators for Data Type: Date
Supported Media Type Values for Rules

Multi-Site Implementation Worksheet

Route Points
Middleware Config Active Routing Target Type