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Oracle Public Sector Financials (International) Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13417-04
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Commitment Budgetary Control Setup


Commitment Budgetary Control lets you create and maintain a secondary commitment budget separately from the standard budget in Oracle General Ledger. You can reserve funds for the commitment budget for contract commitments as part of the contract commitment, and for requisitions, purchase orders, and releases in Oracle Purchasing.

Enabling Dual Budgetary Control

Dual budgetary control includes standard budgetary control and commitment budgetary control.

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Setting the Funds Check Level

Budgetary control refers to the ability to control expenses against budgets. Funds check level is one of the parameters used in budgetary control. Funds check levels in commitment budgetary control can differ from the level used for standard budgets. When dual budgetary control is enabled, you first set up the primary and secondary ledger in Oracle General Ledger separately. If no other setting is set up, then Commitment Budgetary Control uses the same funds check levels that were set up in General Ledger for both standard and commitment budgets.

Note: Budgetary control rules and tolerances set up for the standard budget do not apply to the commitment budget.

Use Oracle General Ledger to set up organizations and budgetary control options for the secondary ledger that sets the budgetary control for the commitment budget.


Before setting up commitment budgetary control, you must:

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Commitment Budgetary Control Setup Steps

This table lists setup steps for Commitment Budgetary Control.

Step Number Step Description Required or Optional
1 Set up secondary ledger Required
2 Enable Dual Budgetary Control Required
3 Prepare Budgets Required

Enabling Dual Budgetary Control

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To enable dual budgetary control:

  1. Navigate to the Enable Dual Budgetary Control window.

  2. Select the operating unit

  3. Select the primary ledger.

    Note: The list of values in the Primary Ledger field depends on the selected operating unit.

  4. Click Enable Dual Budgetary Control for the Contract Commitment to enable dual budgetary control for the Contract Commitment feature.

  5. Click Enable Dual Budgetary Control for Oracle Purchasing to enable dual budgetary control for Oracle Purchasing.

Preparing Budgets

Prepare budgets for both standard and commitment budgets using Oracle General Ledger.

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