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Oracle Public Sector Financials User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13449-04
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budgetary control results report
  overview link
  parameters link


Detail Accounts window
  example link


Encumbrance Account Analysis
  background link
  limitations link
  overview link

encumbrance accounting using SLA
  account event model link
  overview link

  Modified Accrual versus Accrual Asset Accounting link


Funds Available Detail report
  overview link

funds available inquiry
  overview link
  viewing details link

funds available inquiry enhancements
  Detail Accounts window
    example link
  Funds Available Inquiry window
    example link

Funds Available Inquiry window
  example link


GASB 34/35 Asset Accounting
  closing period in expenditure asset book link
  converting asset expenditures to fixed assets link
  copying assets from Expenditure Asset book to Depreciation Asset book link
  copying balances and transactions link
  creating invoices link
  generating depreciation link
  posting assets link
  posting depreciation to the Accrual ledger link
  preparing assets link
  prerequisites link
  reclassifying proceeds from Disposals link
  recording additional entries link
  recording funding of fixed assets link
  Reviewing GASB 34/35 request set results link
  running financial statements link

GASB 34/35 Asset Accounting Process
  detail process link
  flowchart link
  overview link
  requirement link

GASB 34/35 Asset Accounting setup
  defining GASB 34/35 request set link
  overview link
  prerequisites link
  Scheduling GASB 34/35 request set link
  Update Asset Type parameters link
  Update Assets Tracking Flag parameters link


navigation link


Public Sector Financials
  budgetary control results report link
  encumbrance accounting using SLA link
  Funds Available Detail report link
  GASB 34/35 Asset Accounting process link
  GASB 34/35 Asset Accounting Setup link
  overview link
  procedure link
  setup link link

Public Sector Financials setup
  checklist link
  create additional users link
  create new responsibility link
  define assets related account link
  define book controls link
  define financial reports with Financial Statement Generator link
  define journal reversal criteria link
  define Ledger link
  define payables options link
  define request groups link
  define request set link
  enable dynamic insertion link
  overview link
  set up massallocation batches link
  set up the Global Consolidation System link
  setup steps link
  site and application level profile options link


  Encumbrance Account Details report link
  Encumbrance Document Details report link
  Funds Available Detail Report link

running and printing
  Encumbrance Account Details report link
  Encumbrance Document Details report link


  Detail Accounts link
  Funds Available Inquiry link