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Oracle Advanced Collections Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13452-04
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Oracle Advanced Collections Implementation Guide


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Setting Up Related Applications

Overview of Setup Process
Create Employee Locations and Organizations
Create Employees
Define Resource Group Hierarchy
Assign Roles and Resource Groups
Assign Collectors
Set Up Oracle Receivables
Enable AR Transactions Summary Tables
Set Up Oracle Cash Management
Set Up Oracle Payments
Enable Oracle iReceivables
Set Up Units of Measure
Set Up Security and Responsibilities
Set Up Notes
Set Up Tasks
Set Up Oracle XML Publisher
Create Oracle XML Publisher Templates
Correspondence and Bind Variables
Enable Customer Interaction Tracking
Set Up Oracle Customer Interaction History
Enable Oracle Interaction Center
Set Up Legacy Calls for Oracle Receivables
Set Up Call Wrap-up Administration
Implement Oracle Trade Management
Install Oracle Bill Presentment Architecture
Install Oracle Lease and Finance Management
Install Oracle Loans

Implementing Oracle Advanced Collections

Setting Up Oracle Advanced Collections
Using Preconfigured Elements
Operational Data Level
Multiple Level Strategies for Different Operating Units
Display Collector's Work Queue Nodes
Set the Desktop Display Style
Set Up Custom Tabs
Set Up Metrics
Set Up Additional Oracle Advanced Collections Profile Options
Set Up Customer Status Prioritization
Enable Web Directory Assistance
Set Up Workflow for Promise Approval
Configure Oracle Advanced Collections for Oracle Lease and Finance Management

Collections Methods Setup

Overview of Scoring
Score Objects
Concurrent Programs for Scoring
Preconfigured Scoring Engines
Set Up Scoring
Scoring Components
Create Scoring Components
Segments in Scoring Engines
Create or Update a Scoring Segment
Create New Scoring Engines
Add Scoring Components
Set Score Ranges
Enter Parameters for Function Variables
Set Up Delinquency Status Score Ranges
Collections Strategies
How Strategies Work
      Changing Strategies Based on Tolerance
Strategy Checklists
Segments in Strategies
Preconfigured Elements for Strategies
Work Items
      Work Item Details
      Using Custom Workflows
Create Work Items
Create a Work Item - General Information
Create a Work Item - Details
Set Up Correspondence
Custom Workflows
Assign Skills
Create Collections Strategies
Strategy General Information
Adding a Strategy Segment
Scoring Rules
Add Work Items
Define Strategy Default
Default Strategy Resource
Overview of Using Dunning Plans
Dunning Process
Dunning Requirements
Creating Correspondence Templates
Dunning Plans
Aging Bucket Lines for Dunning
Set Dunning Plan Aging Bucket
Setting Dunning Level
Set Collections Dunning Level
Creating a Dunning Plan
Create Dunning Plans
Set Up Universal Work Queue for Dunning Plans

Verifying the Implementation

Use the Diagnostic Tests
Implementation Verification Tasks for Mandatory Components
Create Accounts
Create Invoices
Create Delinquencies
Verify Delinquencies
Dispute an Invoice
Adjust an Invoice
Record a Promise to Pay
Process a Credit Card Payment
Process a Bank EFT Payment
Verify Payment Processing
Verify the Collector's Actions
Verify Collector's Work Queue Navigation
Verify Interaction Tracking
Implementation Verification Tasks for Optional Components
Verifying Integration with Oracle Lease and Finance Management


Collections Lookups

Profile Options

Oracle Advanced Collections Profile Options and Profile Categories Overview
Category and Profile Option Descriptions
      Account Work Queue Configuration Category
      Activity Tracking Category
      Business Flow Configuration Category
      Collections Methods Category
      Correspondence Category
      Customer Work Queue Configuration Category
      Debug Category
      Delinquency Work Queue Configuration Category
      Leasing Integration Category
      Operations Category
      Site Work Queue Configuration Category
      UI Category
      Work Queue Configuration Category
      XML Publisher Integration Category
Profile Options for Collections Questionnaire and Checklist
Profile Options Not Owned by Oracle Advanced Collections

Preconfigured Correspondence Templates

Preconfigured Templates for Oracle XML Publisher
Payment Confirmation Letter Template
Dispute Confirmation Letter Template
Promise Confirmation Letter Template
Adjustment Confirmation Letter Template
Payment Reversal Confirmation Letter Template
Consolidated Invoice Confirmation Letter Template
Invoice Letter Template
Pre-delinquent Letter Template
Soft Dunning Letter 1 Template
Soft Dunning Letter 2 Template
Moderate Dunning Letter 1 Template
Moderate Dunning Letter 2 Template
Hard Dunning Letter 1 Template
Hard Dunning Letter 2 Template
Hard Dunning Letter 3 Template


Preconfigured Metrics

Preconfigured Scoring Elements

Using Preconfigured Scoring Elements
Preconfigured Scoring Engines
Preconfigured Scoring Components

Preconfigured Strategy Elements

Preconfigured Strategy Templates
Preconfigured Strategy Work Items
Preconfigured Workflows for Strategy Work Items

Collections Features for Oracle Receivables and Advanced Collections

List of Collections Features for Oracle Receivables and Advanced Collections
      Collections Features for Receivables
      Oracle Advanced Collections Features

Oracle Lease and Finance Management Open Interface Tables

Open Interface Tables