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Oracle Internet Expenses Implementation and Administration Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13454-03
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accounting flexfield
  defining link

accounts payable
  sending receipts for verification link

ad hoc reporting link
additional information column heading link
admin-level personalizations link
  credit cards link
  Oracle Internet Expenses Setup and Administration link

aging credit card transactions process link
aliases link
AP Approval Process link
approval communication languages
  setup link

approval rules
  enabling link
  setting up link

  award link
  cost center link
  finding and verifying link
  project link

assigning an audit rule set link
attachment categories
  defining link
  enabling link

attachments link
audit automation
  audit list link
  audit list API link
  audit list rule set link
  audit reasons API link link
  audit rule sets link
  receipts management link
  setting up link

audit list
  adding employees link
  overview link
  viewing and maintaining link

Audit List API
  list entry rules link
  overview link
  sample entries and updates link

audit list rule sets
  assigning link
  creating link
  overview link

audit management
  auditing expense reports link
  creating auditors link
  fall-back auditor link
  paperless audit link
  personalizable views link
  redistributing the audit queue link
  using the audit pages link

audit queue
  redistributing link

Audit Reasons API link
audit rule set
  assigning link
  creating link

authorized delegate
  assigning link

award approvers link
award field
  enabling in Internet Expenses link


bar code
  enabling link

Bothpay Document Number link


cell links
  modifying link

changing column and cell headings link
changing long label values in the Web Applications Dictionary link
  setting default mailing address link

choice lists
  setting up link

client extensions
  AME Header-Level Approver client extension link
  analyzing business requirements link
  Approval Communications client extension link
  client extensions vs. customizations link
  Cost Center Approver client extension link
  Cost Center Validation link
  designing logic link
  Expense Report Number client extension link
  Expense Report Summary link
  overview link
  Validations and Defaults link
  Workflow link
  writing PL/SQL procedures link

column and cell headings
  changing link

combined load and validate concurrent programs link
common setup features link
  languages link

company terms and agreements
  enabling link

configuring the Expense Report sheet link
configuring the Microsoft Excel template link
  conditional tasks link
  required tasks link

contact types
  attributes link
  for Contact Us global link link

Contact Us global link
  contact types link
  setting up link
  setup steps link
  test cases link

Contact Us rules
  defining link
  testing link

Contact Us test cases
  creating and running link

contingent workers
  setting up link

converting expense reports into invoices link
corporate credit card program
  implementing link

corporate credit cards
  establishing link

cost center approvers link
cost center reporting
  setting up link

Cost Center Validation extension
  defining validation rules for link
  overview link

creating a matching rule link
creating expense reports link
creating notes link
credit card accounts
  automatically creating link

credit card expense types
  mapping link

credit card policies
  setup link

credit card process activities link
credit card processes
  deferring the workflow process link
  setting expense report performers link
  setting up workflow builder link
  setting workflow activity attributes link
  setting workflow attributes link

credit card transaction administration link link
credit card transaction submission link
credit card transactions
  changing the description message link
  managing invalid transactions link
  managing level 3 transaction data link
  managing new credit card accounts link
  separate load and validate programs link

credit card transactions data file
  loading and validating transactions link
  obtaining link

credit card usage policies link
credit card workflow processes
  setting workflow timeouts link

credit cards
  accounting link
  company pay transactions accounting link
  corporate travel cards link
  defining link
  managing transactions link
  process flows link
  processing steps link
  programs link
  transaction data download link

credit cards process
  activities link
  Aging Credit Card Transactions link
  Inform Manager of Inactive Employee CC Expenses link
  Payment link
  Payment to Card Issuer link
  Payment to Employee by Check link
  process invalid credit card transactions link
  process unassigned credit cards link
  Unapproved Expense Report link
  Unsubmitted Credit Card Transactions link

credit cards process flows
  both pay scenario link
  company pay scenario link
  individual pay scenario link

Credit Cards workflow link
credit cards workflow processes
  accessing link

currency codes
  setting up link

  client extensions vs. customizations link


Default Cost Center extension
  writing code for link link

default reimbursement currency link
deferred workflow processes
  initiating link

defining sets of values link
deleting notes link
descriptive flexfields
  defining a list of values link
  setting up link
  types link

determining flexfield validation types link
  Internet Expenses process overview link

disconnected expense reporting process link
Discoverer business areas link
display project and task link
displaying sheet tabs link
duplicating notes link


employee information
  entering in Oracle Human Resources link

employee matching rules link
  defining link
  entering as suppliers in Oracle Payables link
  terminating link

enabling bar code link
enabling currencies link
expense allocations
  aliases link
  profile options setup link
  setting up link
  short cuts link

expense checks
  setting default mailing address link

Expense Holds Workflow link
expense holds workflow processes
  bothpay link
  Expense Payment Hold Released link

Expense Receipts Workflow link
expense receipts workflow processes
  Receipts Missing link
  Receipts Overdue link
  Receipts Received link

expense report options
  defining link

Expense Report sheet
  configuring link
  defining the date format link
  entering an expense template name link
  modifying the reimbursable amount formula link
  protecting formulas link

Expense Report Summary client extension link
expense report templates
  and itemization link
  defining link
  defining for schedules link
  seeded link

Expense Report Templates window
  expense types link

Expense Report workflow
  overview link
  process link

expense reports
  approval notes link
  approving and reviewing link
  auditing link
  creating link
  creating and submitting link
  managing holds link
  submitting a disconnected expense report link

expense types
  setting up link

expenses clearing account
  defining link

Expenses item type link
expenses process
  deferring the workflow process link
  setting expense report performers link
  setting workflow activity attributes link
  setting workflow timeouts link

expenses workflow
  extending link
  item type attributes link
  overview link
  procedures link
  processes link

expenses workflow item type attributes
  AP link
  AP Required Policy Info link
  Approval or Rejection Reason link
  Approver Display Name link
  Approver ID link
  Approver Name link
  Credit Display Total link
  Credit Total link
  Currency link
  Display Total link
  Document Cost Center link
  Employee Cost Center link
  Employee Display Name link
  Employee ID link
  Employee Name link
  Error Activity ID link
  Error Assigned User link
  Error Item Key link
  Error Item Type link
  Error Message link link
  Error Notification ID link
  Error Result Code link
  Error Stack link
  Expense Report Details link
  Expense Report ID link
  Expense Report Number link
  Expense Report Total link
  Expense Report Workflow Administrator link
  Find Approver Count link
  Forward From Display Name link
  Forward From ID link
  Forward From Name link
  Is Employee Project Enabled link
  Line Info Body link
  Line Table link
  list link
  Manager Approval Send Count link
  Manager Display Name link
  Manager ID link
  Manager Name link
  Missing Receipt Total link
  Missing Receipts Shortpay Document Number link
  Missing Receipts Shortpay Expense Report ID link
  Missing Receipts Shortpay Total link
  New Expense Display Total link
  New Expense Total link
  Original Expense Report Doc Num link
  Payment Due From link
  Policy Shortpay Document Number link
  Policy Shortpay Expense Report ID link
  Policy Shortpay Total link
  Preparer Display Name link
  Preparer ID link
  Preparer Name link
  Purpose link
  Purpose In Document link
  Receipt Missing Warning link
  Start from Specified Process link
  Vendor ID link
  Vendor Site ID link
  Version link
  Week Ending Date link

expenses workflow processes
  accessing link
  AME Approval Process link
  AME Request Approvals Process link
  AP Approval link
  AP Standard Expense Report link
    activities link
  Bothpay link
  Manager (Shortpay) Approval
    activities link
  Manager (Shortpay) Approval Subprocess link
  Manager (Spending) Approval link
    activities link link
  Missing Receipts Shortpay link
  No Manager Response link
  Non-AME Approval
    activities link
  Non-AME Approval Process link
  overview link
  Policy Violation Shortpay link
  Rejection link
  Request Approval link
  Server Side Validation link
    activities link
  Shortpay Unverified Receipt Items link
  Third Party Expense Report link


fall-back auditor link
finding and verifying approvers
  overview link
  Using Alternate Approvers link
  with Approvals Management link
  without Approvals Management link
    Go Directly link
    Go Up Management Chain link
    One Stop Then Go Directly link

flexfield validation types
  determining link

  setting up descriptive flexfields link

FND entries
  multiple link

function security
  defining link

future-date tolerances
  defining link

future-dated expense reports link


global policy information
  defining link


history page link
  Expense Holds Workflow link


implementing a corporate credit card program link
import control file
  modifying link

Inform Manager of Inactive Employee CC Expenses process link
init.ora file
  modifying link

Initiating Deferred Workflow Processes link
  overview link
  setting up link

  converting expense reports into link

  setting up link


list of records
  creating link

  setting up link


mailing addresses
  setting default for expense checks link

managing credit card transactions
  enforcing transaction submission link
  managing inactive employee transactions link

managing holds link
mapping rules
  setup link link

mass updates link
matching rules
  American Express link
  behavior link
  creating link
  default link
  employee matching rules link
  Employee Number link

  modifying link

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  setting up global flexfields link

Microsoft Excel template
  conditional tasks link
  configuring link
  defining flexfields link
  displaying custom sheet tabs link
  expense types link
  protecting link
  required tasks link
  setting up context-sensitive flexfields link
  setting up descriptive flexfields link
  testing your custom template link

  creating schedules link

modifying cell links link
modifying the Import Status message link
multiple currencies
  reviewing setup for link


new credit card account administration link
  creating link
  deleting link
  duplicating link


optional profile options link
Oracle Application Framework
  admin-level personalizations
    column link
    overview link
    region link
  field personalization exceptions link
  integrating with link
  personalizing link
  with Oracle Internet Expenses link

Oracle Approvals Management
  integrating with link

Oracle Common Modules - AK
  modifying link

Oracle Grants Accounting
  integrating with link

Oracle Human Resources
  entering employee information for use with Internet Expenses link
  shared install link

Oracle Internet Expenses
  adjusting field names link
  administration link
  integrating with Oracle Application Framework link
  integrating with Oracle Approvals Management link
  integrating with Oracle Grants Accounting link
  integrating with Oracle Projects link
    setup steps link
  integrating with other applications link
  introduction link
  key features link
  programs and reports link
    assigning management reporting access link
    Expense Analysis and Reporting feature link
    Top 10 spenders report link
  setting up Web Application Dictionary link

Oracle iSupport
  determining if on remote instance link

Oracle Payables
  assigning authorized delegates link
  assigning Expense Reporting and Workflow responsibilities link
  assigning signing limits link
  entering employees as suppliers link
  programs and reports link

Oracle Projects
  integrating with link

Oracle System Administration
  integrating with link

Oracle Web Application Dictionary
  customizing Internet Expenses link

other setup considerations link


packages link
paperless audit
  managing link

paperless audit view
  creating link

Payables lookups
  defining for Oracle Internet Expenses link

paying expense reports
  overview link

payment to card issuer process link
payment to employee by check process link
payment to employee process link
pending Payables approval view
  creating link

per diem
  creating schedules link

per diem and mileage
  and audit management link

policy compliance
  and audit management link
  creating schedules link

policy compliance and violation types link
  Printer profile option link

procedures link
process invalid credit card transactions process link
product IDs
  finding link

profile options
   Enable Bar Code link
    Installed link
  Carry Advances Forward link
  Default Country link
  Disable Self-Service Personal link
  Enable Advances link
  Enable Expense Allocation Splitting link
  Enable Project Expenditure Organization link
    Cross Business Group link
    Date Format Mask link
    Language link
    Limit Connect link
    Limit Time link
    Session Timeout link
    Display Inverse Rate link
    Operating Unit link
    Security Profile link
    Allow Credit Lines link
    Allow Non-Base Pay link
    Allow Override Approver link
    Approver Required link
    CC Overrider Required link
    CC Payment Notify link
    Enable Cost Center link
    Enable Credit Card link
    Enable DescFlex link
    Enable Expense Allocations link
    Enable Policy link
    Enable Project Allocations link
    Enable Tax link
    Grace Period link
    Purpose Required link
    Report Number Prefix link
  optional link
    Allow Project-Related Entry in Oracle Internet Expensesy link
    Autoapprove Expense Reports link
  Personalize Self-Service Defn link
  Printer link
  required link
  Sequential Numbering link
  setting up link
    Mailer Cancellation Email link
    Notification Reassign Mode link

project and task
  display link

project approvers link
project-related expense report templates link
project-related expense reports
  entering link

projects and tasks functions
  excluding link

projects data
  deriving from expense reports link

protecting the custom Microsoft Excel template link


rate and policy schedules
  status values link

receipt package
  receiving link

  Expense Receipts Workflow link
  sending to accounts payable link
  setup link
  verifying link

receiving the receipt package link
region-based messaging
  setting up link

reimbursement currencies
  profile option link

  ad hoc link

  Discoverer link

required profile options link
  Expense Analysis and Reporting link
  Internet Expenses link
  Internet Expenses Audit Manager link
  Internet Expenses Auditor link
  Internet Expenses Help Desk link
  Internet Expenses Setup and Administration link
  Workflow Administrator Web link
  Workflow User Web link
  Workflow User Web Applications link

responsibility attributes
  defining link


  creating for mileage link
  creating for per diem link
  creating for policy compliance link
  overview link

schedules setup
  business rules page link
  general information page link
  navigating link
  period details page link
  schedule periods page link
  summary page link

seasonal rates
  effective dates link
  uploading link

securing attributes
  assigning link

security profiles
  setting up link

service request type IDs
  finding link

sets of values
  defining link

setting up
  approval rules link
  authorized delegates link
  checklist link
  credit card programs link
  currency codes link
  default expense check address link
  descriptive flexfields link
  employees link
  expense report templates link
  multiple currencies link
  Oracle Human Resources link
  Oracle Human Resources Shared Install link
  profile options link
  region-based messaging link
  suppliers link
  tax link

setting up currency codes
  prerequisite link

setting up descriptive flexfields in the Microsoft Excel template link
setting up expense types
  overview link
  prerequisite link

setting up global flexfields in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet link
setting up Name columns in the Expenses Types sheet link
setting up text boxes and choice lists link
  credit card policies link
  enabling approval rules link
  mapping rules link
  Oracle Internet Expenses Setup and Administration link

shared install
  Oracle Human Resources link

shared installation
  Oracle Human Resources link

signing limits
  assigning link
  with multiple reimbursement currencies link

starting point person ID attribute link


  credit card link

  profile option link
  setting up link

  defining expense report link

testing your custom Microsoft Excel template link
text boxes
  setting up link


unapproved expense report process link
updatable records link
Upload Accumulated Mileage program link
  assigning responsibilities link
  defining and setting up link

using attachments link


Validations and Defaults client extension link
  Calculate Amount procedure link
  Default Cost Center procedure link
  Flexfield Validation procedure link
  Line Validation procedure link


Web Applications Dictionary
  changing Long Label values link

  Credit Card Programs link
  Itemization link

  Credit Cards link
  Expense Holds link
  Expense Receipts link
  Expense Report link
  Expenses link
  initiating deferred processes link

Workflow client extension link
  Accounts Payable Involvement procedure link
  Authority Verification procedure link
  Find Approver procedure link
  Management Involvement procedure link

workflow issues link