Oracle Inventory Consigned Inventory from Supplier Process Guide


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Overview of Consigned Inventory
Using Vendor Managed Inventory with Consigned Inventory

Purchasing Material

Overview of Purchasing Consigned Material
Defining Approved Supplier Lists
Requisitioning Consigned Materials
Using AutoCreate
Using Automatic Document Creation Workflow
Entering Purchase Orders for Consigned Materials
Receiving Consigned Inventory
Returning Consigned Inventory to Vendors
Querying Consigned On Hand Quantities
Purchasing Intelligence and Consigned Inventory
Using Retroactive Price Update

Consuming Material

Overview of Consuming Material
Transferring Ownership of Consigned Inventory
Aging Based Ownership Transfer
Consumption Transactions
Generating Consumption Advice
Querying the Consumption Advice
Overview of Billing
Miscellaneous Transactions for Consigned Transactions
Consigned Inventory Diagnostics
Querying Inventory Aging Details
Oracle iSupplier Portal
      Search - Consigned Items Windows
      Consigned On-Hand Quantity Inquiry Window
      Consigned Shipments Inquiry Window
      Consumption Advice Inquiry Window
      Material Transactions Inquiry Window
      Consigned Inventory Aging Inquiry

Costing and Accounting

Overview of Costing and Accounting in Consigned Inventory
Accounting and Costing Transactions for Consigned Inventory
Return to Vendor Transactions (RTV)
Retroactive Price Update

Setting Up

Overview of Setting Up
Related Product Setup Steps
Setup Flowchart and Checklist
Setup Steps
Creating Approved Suppliers
Defining Consumption Transaction Rules
Setting Up Self Billings
Pay on Receipt Autoinvoice Concurrent Program
Pay On Receipt Autoinvoice Parameters

Windows and Navigator Paths

Windows and Navigator Paths