Oracle Cash Management User Guide


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About Oracle Cash Management
      About Bank Reconciliation
      About Bank Statements
      Matching Bank Statement Lines with Transactions
      Multi-Currency Handling
      Integration with Oracle Receivables, Payables, Payroll, and Treasury
Oracle Payables Reconciliation Accounting
      Payables Reconciliation Examples
Oracle Receivables Reconciliation Accounting
      Receivables Reconciliation Examples
      Using Cash Management with Automatic Clearing
Oracle Payroll Reconciliation
Oracle Treasury Reconciliation
About Cash Forecasting
      Oracle Applications Integration with Cash Forecasting
      Oracle Projects Integration With Cash Forecasting
      External Cashflow Open Interface and Distributed Database Integration
      Cash Forecast Reporting and Spreadsheet Integration

System Setup

Setting Up Oracle Cash Management
      Related Product Setup Steps
      Cash Management Setup Checklist
Setting Up Oracle Payables for Oracle Cash Management Integration
Setting Up Oracle Payables or Oracle Receivables for Oracle Cash Management Integration
Setting Up Oracle Receivables for Oracle Cash Management Integration
Setting Up Oracle Payroll for Oracle Cash Management Integration
Setting Up Oracle Treasury for Oracle Cash Management Integration
System Parameters
      System Parameters Window Reference
Cash Management Security
Bank Transaction Codes
Bank Statement Open Interface
      Bank Statement File Formats
      Bank Statement Mapping
      Using a Custom Loader Program
      Bank Statement Headers Interface Table
      Bank Statement Lines Interface Table
Reconciliation Open Interface
      Program Submission
      Using Reconciliation Open Interface to Reconcile Treasury Settlements
      Using Reconciliation Open Interface to Reconcile External Transactions
      CE_999_INTERFACE_V Description
      Package CE_999_PKG Description and Modifications
Installing External Cash Flow Open Interface Objects in Remote Databases
External Cashflow Open Interface
      Program Submission
      Preparing to Use the External Cashflow Open Interface
Sequential Document Numbering
Cash Transaction Subtypes

Bank Account Setup

Bank Account Model Overview
Define Bank Branches
Bank and Account Administration: Define Bank Accounts
Banks, Bank Branch, and Bank Accounts Window References
Oracle Intercompany Setup Steps
Oracle Payments Setup Steps
Maintaining Bank Account Signing Authorities
Cash Pools
Overview of Single European Payments Area (SEPA)
Bank Identification Code (BIC)
International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
SEPA Credit Transfer

Managing Bank Statements

Entering Bank Statements
      Loading the Bank Statement Open Interface Tables
      The Bank Statement Loader Program
      To Run the Bank Statement Loader Program
      Bank Statement Loader Program Parameters
      Using a Custom Loader Program
      Automatic Bank Transmission Feature
      Retrieving Bank Statements and Payment Exceptions
      Intra-Day Bank Statement Loader Program
      Submitting the Intra-Day Bank Statement Loader Program
      Receiving XML Bank Statements
      Setting Up Your System to Receive XML Bank Statements
      Processing XML Bank Statements
Importing Bank Statements
      About Bank Statement Validation
Reviewing Bank Statement Interface Errors
      Statement Interface Window Reference
      Reviewing Interface Errors Online for a Specific Statement Line
      Bank Statement Line Interface Window Reference
Correcting Bank Statement Interface Errors
Entering Bank Statements Manually
      Bank Statement Window Reference
      Entering Bank Statement Lines
      Bank Statement Interface Lines Window Reference
Updating Bank Statements
Creating Cashflows from Bank Files

Reconciliation Setup

Reconciling Bank Statements Automatically
      Submit Automatic Reconciliation Window Reference
      Reconciling Sweep Transactions
      Reconciliation Tolerances
      Multi-Currency Matching
      Multi-Currency Clearing
      About Value Dates
      Reviewing Reconciliation Errors
Reconciling Bank Statements Manually
      Creating Reconciled Bank Statement Lines
      Finding Available Detail and Batch Transactions for Reconciliation
      Reconciling Available Transactions and Batches
      Available Transactions Window Reference
      Reconciling an Available Remittance or Payment Batch
      Available Batches Window Reference
      Reviewing Reconciled Transactions
      Reconciled Transactions Window Reference
      Changing the Reconciliation Status
      Using Attachments
Creating Payments and Receipts Transactions
Creating Miscellaneous Transactions
      Miscellaneous Receipts Window Reference
Recording Exceptions
Entering Reversals
      Reversals Window Reference
Reconciling Corrections and Adjustments to Bank Errors
Manually Clearing and Unclearing
      Clear Transactions Window Reference
      Default Dates Window Reference
      Unclearing Payments and Receipts
      Unclear Transactions Window Reference
Marking a Bank Statement as Complete
Transferring Bank Reconciliation Transactions to Your General Ledger
How Using Cash Management Affects Your Closing Process
Archiving and Purging Imported Bank Statements

Cash Forecasting

Cash Forecasting
Creating Cash Forecast Templates
      Cash Forecasting Source Transaction Dates
      Forecasting Overdue Transactions
      Forecast Template Rows Page Reference
Generating Cash Forecasts from Templates
      Submission Parameters
      Cash Forecast Results
      Calculation of Opening and Closing Bank Account Balances and GL Cash Position in Cash Forecasting
      Source Transaction Details Page Reference
Modifying Cash Forecast Templates and Cash Forecasts
      Modifying Forecast Amounts on an Existing Cash Forecast
      Add Rows or Columns Page Reference
Purging Cash Forecasts
Exporting Cash Forecasts to Your Spreadsheet Application
      Viewing Cash Forecasts in Discoverer
      Security in Cash Forecasting

Cash Positioning

Cash Positioning
Creating Cash Position Worksheets
      Cash Positioning Source Transaction Dates
      Overdue Transactions In Cash Positioning
      Cash Position Prior Day Cash Flow and Overdue Transactions Program
      Cash Position Worksheet Page Reference
Generating Cash Positions From Worksheets
      Calculation Of Opening and Closing Bank Account Balances in Cash Positioning
      Balance Gapping in Cash Positioning
      Generating a Cash Leveling Proposal
Viewing Cash Position Results
      Cash Position Results Page: Currency View, Bank Account View, and Cash Pool View Reference
      Source Transaction Details Page Reference
      Intra-Day Activities and Net Cash Flow Detail Page Reference
      Available Liquidity Section Details
      Modifying Cash Position Worksheets and Cash Position Results
Exporting Cash Position Results to Your Spreadsheet Application
      Viewing Cash Positions in Discoverer
      Security in Cash Positioning

Bank Account Balances and Interest Calculations

Bank Account Balances
Maintaining Balances By Account
Maintaining Balances For Multiple Accounts
Balance Reporting
Interest Rate Schedule
      Interest Calculation

Cash Transactions

Bank Account Transfers
      Payment Templates
Creating Bank Account Transfers Manually
Viewing, Updating, and Canceling Bank Account Transfers
Authorizing Bank Account Transfers
Processing Payments
Generating Accounting Entries


Subledger Accounting (SLA) Introduction
Accounting Events
      Accounting Definitions
      Managing Journal Entries

Inquiry and Reports

Inquiry Overview
      Viewing Bank Statement Reconciliation
      Viewing Available Transactions
      Viewing Bank Account Transfers
      Viewing Cashflows
      Viewing Bank Account Balances
      Viewing Interest Schedules
      Viewing Bank Information
      Viewing Bank Accounts
      Viewing Payments and Receipts
Cash Management Reports
      Common Report Parameters
      Common Report Headings
Cash Forecasting Reports
      Cash Forecast Report
      Cash Forecast Execution Report
      Purge Cash Forecasts Report
Statements Reports
      Archive/Purge Bank Statements Report
      AutoReconciliation Execution Report
      Bank Statement Detail Report
      Bank Statement Loader Execution Report
      Bank Statement Summary Report
      Bank Statements by Document Number Report
      GL Reconciliation Report
      Bank Statement Cashflow Creation Execution Report
      Sweep Transactions Generation Execution Report
Transactions Reports
      Cash in Transit Report
      Cleared Transactions Report
      Transactions Available for Reconciliation Report
      Batches Available for Reconciliation Report
      Payment Exceptions Report
Balances Reports
      Bank Account Balance Single Date Report
      Bank Account Balance Day Range Report
      Bank Account Balance Actual vs Projected Report
Cash Management Listings
      Bank Transaction Codes Listing
      Cash Forecast Template Listing
Cash Management Programs

Navigation Paths

Cash Management Window Navigation Paths

Profile Options

Setting Profile Options for Cash Management
      Profile Options Summary
      Profile Options in Cash Management
      Profile Options Affecting, But Not Owned By, Cash Management

Function Security in Oracle Cash Management

Function Security in Cash Management

Bank Statement Mapping Templates

BAI2 Mapping Template
SWIFT940 Mapping Template
EDIFACT - France Mapping Template

XML Mapping Rules

XML Mapping Rules for Statement Header Information
XML Mapping Rules for Statement Line Information

Country Specific Bank Account Validations

Bank Account Validation by Country