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Oracle Learning Management User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13520-13
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Oracle Learning Management User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Learning Management

Introduction to Oracle Learning Management
Oracle Learning Management Requirements
The Learning Cycle
Setup Decisions


Catalog Overview
Catalog Requirements
Catalog Objects
Learning Paths
Learning Certifications
Forums and Chats
Web Conferences
Learner Access
Evaluation for Courses and Classes
Producing the OLM Certification Report
Producing the OLM Chat Report
Producing the OLM Forum Report
Producing the OLM Course Evaluation Report
Producing the OLM Learning Path Report
Running the Process Automatic Certification Subscription Program


Enrollment Overview
Enrollment Requirements
Enrollment Basics
Class and Enrollment Statuses
Enrollment Updates
External Learning
Enrolling Customers in Restricted Classes (Secure Customer-Based)
Producing the Registration Report
Producing the Attendance and Signature Sheet Report
Producing the Learner Sign-In Sheet Report
Running the Process Mandatory Enrollments Program


Resources Requirements
Training Resource Key Flexfield
Resource Type Setup
Resource Creation
Suppliers and Customers
Establishment: Entering Training Provider Contracts
Resource Booking
Required Resources

Finance and Pricing

Finance and Pricing Overview
Finance and Pricing Requirements
Finance Headers and Lines
Header and Line Types
Cost Transfer Finance Headers
Headers and Currency
Finance Transfer Process
Creating a Finance Header
Creating a Finance Line Manually
Moving Finance Lines To a New Header
Cancelling Finance Headers and Lines
Deleting Finance Headers and Lines
Restoring Cancelled Lines and Headers
Price Lists
Effective Price List Dates
Pricing for Customer-Restricted Classes
Creating a Price List
Extending a Price List
Changing Price List Dates
Changing Prices for Entries Within a Price List
Running the Budget and Cost Breakdown Report


Content Administration Overview
Content Administration Requirements
Content Structure
Learning Object Management
Online Content Delivery

Test Builder

Test Builder Overview
Test Builder Requirements
Test Assembly Tasks
Question Bank Creation
Test Creation
Section Management
Test Previews and Delivery
Reviewing Test and Question Statistics

Content Import and Export

Content Import and Export Overview
Content Import and Export Requirements
Import and Export Utilities
Supported Specifications
Learning Object Import and Export
Test Import and Export
Content Hierarchy Import and Export
Content Upload
Importing Objects
Using the Import File Type and Location Page
Exporting Objects
Uploading Content

Workforce Intelligence for Learning Management

Workforce Intelligence for Learning Management Overview
Delegate Chargeback (Training Center Hierarchy) Detail Workbook
Training Class Player Progress Status Workbook
Player Progress Detail Workbook
Training Class Resource Analysis Workbook
Training Class Ranking Status Workbook
Student Training Success (External Students) Analysis Workbook
Student Training Success (Internal Students) Analysis Workbook
Training Cost and Revenue Analysis Workbook
Training Course Ranking by Amount Status Workbook
Training Success Workbook
Employee Training Attendance Success (Organization Hierarchy) Status Analytics Workbook
Employee Training Attendance Success (Organization Hierarchy) Trend Analytics Workbook
Employee Training Attendance Success (Organization Hierarchy) Template Analytics Workbook
Training Attendance KPI Status PMV Report
HRI Training Attendance Status KPI
Training Attendance with Job Category KPI Status PMV Report
HRI Training Attendance with Job Category Status KPI

Self-Service Interfaces

Self-Service Interfaces Overview
Self-Service Interfaces Requirements
The Learner Home
The Learner's Catalog View
Learning History
Instructor Interface

Setup and Configuration

Setup and Configuration Overview
Setup and Configuration Requirements
User and Extensible Lookups
Adding Lookup Types and Values
Key Flexfields
Descriptive Flexfields
Descriptive Flexfields (with Startup Data)
Organization Definitions
Creating Business Groups and Organizations
Creating Locations
Creating a Business Group
Creating a Training Organization
Class and Enrollment Status Setup
Administrator Groups
Creating and Maintaining Administrator Groups
Learner Groups
Creating and Maintaining Learner Groups
Using Eligibility Profiles to Define Learner Access to Catalog Objects
Defining Derived Factors for Eligibility Profiles in OLM
Defining Eligibility Profiles in OLM
Running the Process Eligibility Profiles for Learner Groups Program
Running the Purge Inactive Eligibility Profiles for Learner Groups Program
Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures (ERES) in OLM
Content Servers
Conference Servers
Online Player Setup
Setting up a Content Server
Setting up a SCORM Adapter
Mapping Competencies to Languages
Configuring Competency Update Automation
Financial Security
Enabling Currencies
Setting Up Cross-Charge Accounting
Setting Up Financial Security
Creating a Calendar
Defining a Ledger
Defining a Ledger Set
Defining Financials Options
Defining System Options
Organization and User Security
Profile Options
Publicly Callable Business Process APIs in OLM
Workflow Notifications
Enrollment Status Security
Using OLM with Order Management
OLM - OTA Glossary

Oracle Learning Management Glossary