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Oracle Performance Management Implementation and User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13523-12
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Oracle Performance Management Implementation and User Guide


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Oracle Performance Management

Oracle Performance Management Overview
Oracle Performance Management Requirements
Oracle Performance Management Licenses
Implementing Oracle Performance Management
Oracle Performance Management Supplied Functions
User Access and Security in Oracle Performance Management
Configuring the Appraisals Function
Configuring Questionnaire Administration
Configuring Questionnaire Administration - New
Info Online Links to Information Provider Web Sites
Accessing Information Provider Web Sites
Integration between Oracle HRMS Products and Information Providers
Info Online Content Container
Configuring Links between Oracle HRMS Products and Information Providers
Info Online Links to Enwisen from Oracle Performance Management Pages
Configuring Links between HRMS Products and Enwisen
Workforce Performance Management Overview
Setting Up Workforce Performance Management
Performance Management Plans
Updating Performance Management Plans
Using the Performance Management Plan Republishing Options
Performance Management Plan Administration Notifications
Monitoring and Rolling Back Performance Management Plans
Viewing Performance Management Plan Appraisal Rating Summary
Running the Publish Performance Management Plan Program
Running the Mass Appraisal Creation Program
Running the Mass Notifications Program
Running the Refresh Appraisal Summary Program
The Objectives Library
Creating Objectives
Updating Objectives
Measuring Objectives
Cascading Objectives
Setting Objectives in Parallel
Allocating Objectives to Workers Automatically
Sharing and Aligning Objectives
Tracking Objectives
Viewing Alignment of Objectives
Personal Scorecards
Manager Performance-Management Tasks
HR Professional Performance Management Tasks
Performing Mass Change of Main Appraiser
Monitoring Processes and Reports
Worker Performance-Management Tasks
Performance-Management Plan Administration Tasks
Appraisals Overview
The Appraisal Process
Printing Appraisals
Downloading and Uploading Appraisals
An Example Appraisal Process
Appraisals Workflow Notifications
Setting Up the Appraisal Process
The Appraisal Template
Updating an Appraisal Template
Assessment Templates
Assessing Competencies and Objectives
Viewing Appraisal Templates
Viewing Competency Assessment Templates
Questionnaire Administration
Using the Questionnaire Administration - New Functionality
Appraisal Detail Workbook

Sample Appraisal Scoring Formulas

Sample Appraisal Objective Line-Scoring Formulas
Sample Appraisal Competency Line-Scoring Formulas
Sample Appraisal Total Scoring Formulas

HRMS Glossary