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Oracle Transfer Pricing User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13524-03
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Propagation Pattern

This chapter describes the procedure for defining the propagation pattern.

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of the Propagation Pattern

The Propagation Pattern allows you to propagate transfer rates and option costs for any applicable instrument table from a prior period. See:

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Defining the Propagation Pattern

Use this procedure to define the Propagation pattern.


This table describes some terms in the pages used for this procedure.

Selected Terminology
Term Description
Processing Table Account tables that have been enabled for transfer pricing or option cost processing. These tables are sorted alphabetically.
Source Table Tables that are referenced to obtain the previously calculated transfer rates or option costs.
Historical Lag The time difference between the transfer rate or option cost processing runs of the source and processing tables.
Frequency A numeric value multiplied with a Multiplier to calculate the Historical Lag.
Multiplier The unit value of the Frequency.
  1. Navigate to the Propagation Pattern home page.

  2. Select the Source Table that needs to be associated with the Processing Table.

    Note: The Source Table for any propagation process can be either the same table (if you store multiple periods of instrument data in the same Account table) or a separate table (if you store historical records in separate Account tables).

  3. Specify the historical lag between the processing and source tables.

    1. Select the Frequency.

    2. Select the Multiplier.

      Note: The prior period source date for each Source Table is defined in relation to the current Calendar Period End Date. For instance, if you transfer price on a monthly basis, you should specify the historical lag between the processing and source tables as one month.

  4. Click Apply.

    The Propagation Pattern that you defined is saved.

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Overview of the Propagation Pattern

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Propagating Transfer Pricing Results

Depending upon your requirements, you can choose to propagate either the Transfer Rate information or the Option Cost information or both.



  1. Navigate to the Transfer Pricing Process run page.

  2. Select the propagation parameters:

    See: Transfer Pricing Process Rules.

    Note: When a table is updated using a propagation pattern, an instrument record must satisfy the following criteria to receive a transfer rate or option cost.

    The matched spread is migrated from the prior period record and not recomputed from the Transfer Rate and Current Rate on the target table record.

Related Topics

Overview of the Propagation Pattern

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