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Oracle Lease and Finance Management Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13577-05
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access level
  extensible link
  FND lookup types link
  system link
  user link

  receipt classes link

account code
  account generator link

account combination, account generator link
Account Derivation Options link
account generator
  account code link
  account combinations link
  account type link
  accounting code combinations link

account generator rule link
account type
  in account generator link

  automatic link
  close periods link
  open periods link

accounting code combination link
Accounting Options link
Accounts Controller, responsibility link
accounts payable
  define payable lookups link
  define purchasing lookups link
  See also payables. link

accrual accounting, defined link
accrual rule link
  bills unpaid link
  limit days link
  parameters link
  set up link

accrual rules link
action code, interaction history link
action item code, interaction history link
add, billing type combination link
advance indicator, defined link
advance rent, defined link
aging bucket, define receivables link
agreement, articles in link
  defined link

application rule set link
application, rules for cash link
applied, cash application link
approver, defined link
area code, territory based on link
arrears indicator, defined link
article, defined link
  Contract Core link
  referenced in agreements link

as-due basis, defined link
  associate categories with items link
  book controls link
  calendar link
  categories for link
  category flexfield link
  combinations for link
  combine in invoice link
  define link
  define books link
  define categories link
  define general information link
  define insurance asset classes link
  define insurance exclusion link
  define retirement conventions link
  depreciation methods link link link
  fiscal years link
  hold periods link
  location flexfield link
  prorated conventions link
  remarket link
  remarketer link
  set up specialty store link
  system control link

asset disposition, defined link
Asset Manager, responsibility link
assignment group
  define link

associate, asset categories with items link
  defined link

AutoAccounting, define link
  line transaction flexfield link
  transaction flexfield structure link

automatic receipt
  about link

  contract by business group link
  contract by category link
  contract by class link
  contract by operating unit link
  contract by prefix link
  contract by site link
  contract by suffix link


  define remittance to link
  payment method to link
  remit receipt to link

  imported transaction source link
  manual transaction source link
  transaction sources link link

billed basis, defined link
  defined link

billing frequency, defined link
billing type
  about link
  add combination link
  combination link
  in a line link
  in invoice link
  specify order in invoice link
  used in combinations link

Billing Type Combination link
bills unpaid, accrual rule link
  define asset link

book control, set up link
  defined link

buck-out lease, defined link
bucket, define receivables aging link
business activity, related to media item link
business group, autonumber contract by link
buyout amount, defined link


  accounting periods link
  define link

cancellation, defined link
capital lease, defined link
capitalized cost, defined link
  define application rules link
  overpayment link
  receipt mismatch link
  termination quotes link
  tolerance link
  underpayment link

cash accounting link
cash application
  about terms of link
  applied link
  on account link
  rules link
  unapplied link
  unidentified link

cash basis accounting link
cash basis, defined link
cash receipt link
cash revenue link
cash search
  rules link

catalog item group link
catch-all, defined link
  autonumber contract by link
  define asset link
  define default set link
  define for asset link
  define inventory link
  define item flexfield link
  define set of link
  flexfield for asset link
  interest rate link

category set
  assign default to contract link
  assign default to costing link
  assign default to engineering link
  assign default to inventory link
  assign default to order management link
  assign default to planning link
  assign default to purchasing link
  define link
  define default link

  autonumber contract by link
  define insurance asset link
  define receipt link
  transaction type link

closed item, defined link
collateral, defined link
  add billing type link
  billing type link
  create link
  define for asset link
  in rules link
  streams used in link

  context parameters for link
  example of functions and parameters link
  formula example link

concurrent managers
  set up link

concurrent program
  defined link
  pricing time out schedule link

concurrent programs
  managing link

consolidated billing, defined link
consolidated counter
  defined link

  create link
  create parameters for link
  defined link link
  formula engine link
  internal functions for parameters link
  parameters link
  parameters for commission link

context assembler, defined link
context parameter, defined link link
  assign category set to link
  defined link
  master lease, defined link
  numbering by business group link
  numbering by category link
  numbering by class link
  numbering by operating unit link
  numbering by site link
  numbering define link

contract activation, defined link
contract classification parameters
  seeded qualities and quality values link

contract formula engine thread, defined link
contract ID, defined link
contract portfolio
  define a team link

contract shell, defined link
contract status
  defined link

contract validation
  defined link

  about link

  set up link

Contracts Core
  about link
  add articles link
  quality assurance checklist link

costing, assign category set to link
coterminous, defined link
country, territory based on link
create, combination link
credit memo, transaction type link
cure amount, defined link
customer service
  about link

customer, define payment method link
customization, defined link


date, interest rate effective link
DBA, defined link
default invoice line type
  specify link

  accrual rules link
  cash application rules link
  payables lookups link
  payment terms link
  purchasing lookups link
  search rule link
  suppliers link
  users link

delete, note type link
  define calendar link
  fiscal years link
  method for asset link
  of assets link link
  straight-line defined link

direct finance lease, defined link
disbursement, defined link
disposition, defined link
distribution group, defined link
distribution, defined link
document sequencing, set up link
document, sequencing set up link


E-Business Tax
  integration link

  receipt mismatch link link link
  search rules link

  define link
  Oracle HRMS link

engineering, assign category set to link
estimated property tax link
exclusion, define insurance link


field label, lookup type link
Financial Options link
financial product
  defining link

financial product, define link
fiscal year, define link
flat fee, late charges link
  asset category link
  define item link
  define item categories link
  define location link
  key, defined link
  line transaction link
  transaction structure of link

FND lookup
  access level link
  extensible access level link
  field label link
  navigation path link
  page or window name link
  system access level link
  types, what are link
  user access level link

  defined link

formula engine
  commission example link
  context link link
  context in commission formula link
  context parameter link
  context parameters link
  create context link
  create context parameters link
  example of functions and parameters link
  formula link
  function link
  function parameter link
  internal functions for context parameters link
  net investment value link
  operand link
  setup formula with operand link
  terminology link
  write source PL/SQL function link

  about CRM link
  set up interaction history link

  defined link link
  parameter, defined link

function parameter, defined link
  defined link


general ledger
  defined link
  set up link

general loss provision, defined link
general reserve, defined link
geographic location, territory based on link
gross remaining receivables, defined link
group, invoice link
guaranteed residual, defined link
  defined link


history, setup interaction link
hold period, define for assets link
Home page link


Implementation Steps Checklists link
imported, transaction batch source link
  about third-party link
  automatic placement link
  define asset classes link
  define exclusions link
  define insurer ranking link
  define parameters for link
  define products link
  define providers link
  define rates link
  item code link
  item type for product link
  lease link
  main goal of link
  optional link
  refer item code link
  setup product profile option link

insurance tasks
  define link

  about link
  See also Interaction Center and interaction history. link

Interaction Center
  history. See interaction history. link
  Telephony Manager link
  Universal Work Queue link

interaction history
  action code link
  action item code link
  define outcome code link
  define result code link
  reason code link
  set up link
  touch point link

interaction history, defined link
interaction, defined link
  maximum late charge link
  minimum late charge link

interest charge, penalty link
interest rate
  categories link
  define link
  effective date link
  name of link
  percentage link

  assign category set to link
  change organizations link
  define link
  define categories link
  define category set link
  define default category set link
  define item link
  define item category flexfield link
  define item flexfield link
  define organizations link
  define remarketing items link
  define statuses link
  define subinventory link
  define unit of measure classes link
  item code for insurance product link
  referred by insurance product link
  remarketing link
  set up speciality store for link

  30 Net payment link
  apply overpayments against link
  apply underpayments against link
  billing type to include link
  define search rules for link
  format, defined link
  immediate payment term link
  interest charge link
  late charge setup link
  one-time fee link
  parameters, defined link
  payment term seeded options link
  payment terms link
  penalties in link
  receipt mismatch link
  transaction flexfield structure link
  transaction type link

invoice format
  combine assets in link
  group contracts in link
  specify order of billing types in link

invoice group
  about link
  create link link

invoice line type
  default link

invoice messages
  define link

  about link
  set up specialty store link
  used in remarketing link

  associate with asset categories link
  catalog groups link
  category flexfield link
  define for remarketing link
  define inventory link

item code
  insurance link
  reference for insurance product link

item type, for insurance products link
item, defined link


journal entry
  defined link


key business flow
  accounting period open to close link
  inquiry to resolution link
  invoice to receipt link
  overview link
  quote to termination link
  return to disposal link

key flexfield, defined link


late charge
  flat fee link
  interest charge link
  invoice link
  maximum interest link
  minimum interest link
  one-time fee link
  penalty link
  percentage link
  rate type link
  rates link

Lease and Finance Management
  accounting period open to close link
  credit application to booking link
  inquiry to resolution link
  investor agreements link
  invoice to receipt link
  lead to opportunity link
  overview link
  quote to termination link
  return to disposal link
  vendor programs link

lease quoting options
  define link

lease, sales type link
lessee, defined link
lessor, defined link
limit days, accrual rule link
line transaction flexfield link
line, billing type link
list of values, define link
location, flexfield link
lockbox, processing link
  define link link link
  define receivables link
  defined link link
  field label link
  page or window name link
  payables link
  purchasing link
  seeded link link

lookup code, defined link
lookup type
  what is link

loss provision
  components link
  rates link
  set up link


  receipt link
  transaction batch source link

margin, defined link
  about link

master lease contract, defined link
measure, define class unit of link
media, relate business activity to link
mismatch, receipt link link


navigation path
  lookup type link

net book value, defined link
non-termination write down, defined link
  delete type of link
  set up link

notification, workflow link
numbering, define contract link


on account, cash application link
one-time fee, penalty link
  defined link
  label link
  setup formula with link

operating unit, autonumber contract by link
operational options
  define link

  define product link
  define profile link

Oracle HRMS, define employees in link
order capture, about link
order management
  assign category set to link
  sales orders and returns link
  set up link

  change inventory link
  define inventory link

outcome code, define link
  apply against invoice link
  cash application link
  receipt link link


  accrual rule link

party contact roles
  about link

  define lookups link
  define payment terms for link
  define purchasing lookups for link
  define suppliers for link
  insurance providers link
  set up link

  bank remittance link
  define method link
  define terms for link
  See also receipt. link

payment term
  30 Net link
  define link link
  immediate link
  seeded options link

  interest charge link
  late charges link
  one-time fee link

  interest rate link
  late charges link

planning, assign category set to link
postal code, territory based on link
prefix, autonumber contract by link
  associate product to link
  third party template link

  criteria categories link
  item residuals link
  pricing tools link
  residual category sets link

pricing engine
  defined as Oracle Receivables customer link
  set up stream integration link
  timeout concurrent program link

  associate to price link
  define insurance link
  defining link
  item type for insurance link
  option, defined link
  quality names link
  quality values link
  quality, defined link
  steps for defining link
  template. See also template, product. link

product expertise, territory based on link
product template
  defining link
  prerequisites for defining link
  seeded qualities and quality values link
  steps for defining link

  define options of link
  options, defined link
  set up option for insurance product link

profile option categories
  Accounting link
  Collections link
  Credit link
  Customer Service link
  description link
  Fulfillment link
  Insurance link
  Interaction History link
  Origination link
  overview link
  Remarketing link
  Sales link
  Streams link
  subledger accounting link
  Technical link
  Vendor link

profile options
  descriptions link
  overview link

property tax link
  define conventions for link
  stream name link
  underpayment link

  set up loss link

provision, specific defined link
purchase option
  defined link

  assign category set to link
  lookups link
  set up link


    adding to product template link

  define product names of link
  define product values of link
  product defined link

quality assurance checklist, add more checks link
quality name, define product template link
quality value, define product template link
quality values
    adding to financial product link

quote history, defined link
quote valid date, about link


ranking, define insurer link
  define insurance link
  late charge link
  loss provision link
  stream schedule link

rate type, about link
reason code, interaction history link
rebooking, defined link
  automatic link
  clear accounts link
  clearance method link
  define class link
  define payment method link
  lockbox processing link
  manual link
  mismatches link
  overpayment link
  prorate underpaid link
  remit to bank link
  set up or edit receipt link link link
  termination quote rules for link
  termination quotes link
  tolerance link
  underpayment link

receipt mismatch
  cash application link
  rule link
  set up or edit link link link

  30 Net payment term link
  about link
  accounting periods link
  auto-accounting link
  automatic batch numbering link
  automatic transaction numbering link
  batch sources link
  define aging buckets link
  immediate payment term link
  lookups link
  payment methods link
  payment term seeded options link
  payment terms link link
  pricing engine customer link
  receipt classes link
  remittance bank link
  transaction flexfield link
  transaction sources link
  transaction type credit memo link
  transaction type invoice link
  transaction types link

recourse, defined link
  define items with Web attributes link
  inventory link
  speciality stores link
  used with iStore link

  define link link

  about link

Remarketing: order management
  sales orders and returns link

remittance bank, define link
  set up termination quotes link

Representation Options link
  defined link

resell. See remarket. link
residual amount, defined link
residual value insurance
  defined link

residual write-down, defined link
resource category, defined link
Resource Manager
  about link
  See also resource. link

resource, set up link
  Accounts Controller link
  Asset Manager link
  define link
  defined link
  seeded link

restructure, defined link
result code, interaction history link
retirement, define conventions for link
revenue recognition upon cash receipt link
  contract portfolio assignment group link

role type, contract portfolio assignment link
role, defined link
Rounding Options link
  accrual link
  billing type used in link
  combination link
  define automatic placement link
  define cash application link
  define invoice search link
  edit receipt mismatch link link link
  edit search link
  limit days link
  overpayment link
  receipt mismatch link
  set of application link
  set up receipt mismatch link link link
  termination quote link link
  tolerance link
  underpayment link
  unpaid bill link
  user-defined link

  components of link
  definition link
  group definition link
  group values link
  list of seeded link
  seeded data link
  values link


sales order, order management link
sales representative, define link
sales tax
  set up link

sales-type lease, defined link
salvage value
  defined link

schedule, stream rate link
  billing type link
  edit rules link
  user-defined rules link

securitization, defined link
  lookups link link

seeded data
  rules link
  stream type purposes link

seeded qualities and quality values
  product template link

site, autonumber contract by link
size of company, territory based on link
speciality store, set up link
specific provision, defined link
status, define inventory link
straight-line depreciation, defined link
  about link
  billing type link
  defined link
  name of transaction type link
  prorate by name link
  stream type purpose seeded data link
  used in combinations link

stream generation, pricing engine integration link
stream purpose, defined link
stream type, defined link link
subinventory, define link
subledger, defined link
  set up link

suffix, autonumber contract by link
  define link

supplier, defined link
syndicated contract, defined link
syndication, defined link
  define employees link
  define lookups link link link
  define profile options link
  define responsibilities link
  define users link
  document setup link
  tasks link

system administration
  tasks link

system control, asset link
  See also system. link
  tasks link


tax property taxestimated property tax link
Telephony Manager, about link
telephony, set up link
template, product
  define quality name link
  define value link
  defining link
  option link
  quality defined link
  third-party pricing link
  value link

  defined link

termination quote
  cash application link
  edit rules for link
  quote valid date link
  receipt link link
  rule link
  set up rules for link

terms and conditions
  defined link

  based on geographic location link
  setup link

territory, defined link
  parameters for automatic placement link
  pricing vendor template link

  cash application link
  receipt link link
  rule link

touch point, about link
trading partner, inbound transaction types link
transaction batch
  imported source link
  manual source link
  sources link

transaction source, about link
transaction type
  batch sources link
  class link
  credit memo link
  defined link
  invoice link
  sequence in underpayment link
  stream name link

transaction types
  define link

transaction, flexfield structure link
transfer and assumption
  defined link


  See also usage-based billing. link

UBB, defined link
  cash application link

  apply against invoice link
  cash application link
  prorate link
  prorate by stream link
  receipt link link
  rule link
  transaction type sequence link

unidentified, cash application link
unit, define measure classes link
Universal Work Queue, about link
unpaid bill, accrual rule link
Usage Based Billing
  Set Up UBB link

usage items, about link
usage-based billing, verifying link
user profile, defined link
user, define link
UWQ. See Universal Work Queue link


value, product link
vendor program, defined link
vendor residual sharing
  setting up link

vertical market, territory based on link


work queue
  about link
  See also Universal Work Queue. link

  about link
  contract approval link
  engine link
  notifications link


XML gateway
  pricing engine integration set up link

XML layout templates
  associate to processes link

XML Publisher
  set up link


year, define fiscal link