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Oracle Web Analytics Implementation and Administration Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13580-04
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Oracle Web Analytics Implementation and Administration Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Web Analytics

Overview of Oracle Web Analytics
Business Roles
Web Tracking Infrastructure
      Web Tracking Functionality
      Tracking of Authenticated Visitors
      Tracking of Anonymous Visitors
      Disabling Persistent Client-Side Visitor Tracking
      Tracking Visitors Who Disable Persistent Cookies
      Tracking Visits for Browsers With JavaScript Disabled
      Supported Browsers for Client-Side Tracking
      Web Tracking in Oracle Applications
      Tracking of Third-Party Sites
      Support for Secure Socket Layer Connections
      Visits and Visit Duration
      Tracking of Referring Sites
      Tracking External Entry Traffic to a Page
      Traffic Filters
      Tracking of Web Server and Client Information
      Extensibility of Client Tracking Code
      Oracle Web Analytics Administration Application
      Privacy Management
      Support for Additional Deployment Options

Verify Mandatory Dependencies

Overview of Verify Mandatory Dependencies Chapter
Mandatory Dependencies

Implementation Tasks

Start Oracle Web Analytics Engine
      Set Profile Option
      Set Tracking Parameters
      Set Up Traffic Filters
Set Up Privacy Policy
Set Up Daily Business Intelligence
      Implementation Considerations
      Set Profile Options
      Run Site Migration Program
Set Up User Management
Run Request Sets
Advanced Tasks and Optional Integrations
Set Up Leads

Administering Tracking Features

Oracle Web Analytics Administration Application
Site Management Page
Add/Update Site Pages
iStore Site Update Page
Referral Management Page
Create/Update Referral Category Pages
Content Pages Page
Add/Update Template Pages
Add/Update Non Template Page
Content Site Areas Page
Create/Update Site Area Pages
Setup Summary Page
Update Setup Page
Business Events
Privacy Policy
Exception Reporting


Reporting Overview
Common Report Components
      Dimension Objects
      Display of Measures and Computation Standards
      Common Measures in Web Analytics Reports
      Terminology in Site Sales Activity Reports
Reports and Dashboards
      Site Management Dashboard
      Site Sales Activity Dashboard
      Site Sales Activity Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
      Site Top Sales Activity Dashboard
      Site Management and Usability Reports
      Visit Trend Report
      Visitor Conversion Report
      Web Referral Analysis Report
      Web Product Interest Report
      Web Customer Acquisition Report
      Web Customer Activity Report
      Web Campaign Analysis Report
      Page Interest Report
      Site Sales Activity Reports
      Cart and Web Order Activity Report
      Web Orders Amount Trend
      Average Web Orders Amount Trend
      Average Web Order Discount Trend
      Web Activity by Product Category Report
      Top Web Orders by Sales Amount Report
      Top Web Products by Sales Amount Report
      Top Web Customers by Sales Amount Report
      Top Carts by Sales Amount Report
      Configuring Dashboards

Page View Architecture

Modeling Pages, Page Views, Site Areas, and Business Context
External Page Views
Oracle iStore Page Views
Page Context Capture
Page Order
Page View Duration
Page View Tracking of Oracle iStore Pages

Concurrent Programs

Overview of Concurrent Programs
Purge Tracking Data
Change Tracking Sequence Definition
Fact Population Program
Recategorize Referral

Integration with Third-Party Sites

Overview of Third-Party Integrations
Implementation Overview
Step 1 - Enable Page Tracking
Step 2 - Publish Tracking Attributes
Step 3 - Publish Business Events
Step 4 - Set Up Privacy Policy

Profile Options

Overview of Profile Options Appendix
Oracle Web Analytics Profile Options
Oracle iStore Profile Options

Seeded User Data

Overview of Seeded User Data Appendix
Understanding Oracle Applications Responsibilities
Oracle Web Analytics Responsibilities

Seeded Oracle iStore Data

Overview of Seeded Oracle iStore Data
Page Attribute Mapping
Seeded Site Areas