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Oracle Project Billing User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13587-04
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Oracle Project Billing User Guide


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Overview of Oracle Project Billing

Overview of Oracle Project Billing
Billing Options for Projects and Tasks
Accounting Transactions
      Accounting Transactions for Revenue, Invoices, and Advances

Contract Projects

Overview of Contract Projects
Entering a Contract Project and Generating Revenue and Invoices
Billing Methods
      Assigning Bill Rates
      Controlling Billing by Top Task
Integration with Oracle Project Contracts
      Delivery-Based Billing Events
      Events Summary Window: Delivery-Based Billing Fields
      Subprojects Association

Agreements and Project Funding

      Defining an Agreement
      Entering Agreements
      Agreements with Advance Payments
      Viewing Agreement Summary Amounts
Project Funding
      Fund Across Operating Units
      Fund at the Project Level
      Fund at the Task Level
      Funding Multiple Projects With One Agreement
      Funding a Project
Funding Revaluation
Project Funding Inquiry Window Reference
Quick Agreement / Funding Projects
      Project Templates for Quick Agreement
      Agreement Template
      Creating a Quick Agreement Project
Funding a Project Template
Copying a Template to Create a Quick Agreement Project
Budgeting for Project Templates


      Entering Events in Any Currency
Adjusting Revenue Events
      Determining Accounting Dates
      Adjusting Revenue Events: Example
Events Summary Window Reference
Event Details Window
Event Revenue Distribution Lines Window

Revenue Accrual

Accruing Revenue for a Project
      Revenue Flow
      Steps Before Generating Revenue
      Revenue Generation Process
      Selection Criteria
      Calculate Potential Revenue
      Creating Event and Expenditure Item Draft Revenue
Generating and Adjusting Revenue
Deriving Revenue in Foreign Currency
Revenue Accrual and Invoicing
Release Revenue, Generate Revenue Accounting Events, and Create Accounting
Adjusting Revenue
Reviewing Revenue
      Revenue Summary Window Reference
      Revenue Window
      Revenue Lines Window
      Revenue Line Details Window
How to Review Revenue
Viewing Accounting Lines
Accruing Revenue and Generating Invoices Based on Percent Complete
      Processing Percent Complete Revenue and Invoicing
      Agreements with Hard Limits
      Percent Complete
Revenue-Based Cost Accrual
      Cost Accrual Implementation Example
      Cost Accrual Accounting Entries
      Cost Accrual Accounting
      Case Study: Using Cost Accrual for a Project
Other Revenue Issues
      Funding and Multiple Customers or Multiple Agreements
      Hard Limits and Partial Accrual


Invoicing a Project
      Invoice Flow
      Steps To Take Before Generating Invoices
Components of an Invoice
Hard Limits
Generating Invoices
Retention Billing
      Defining the Retention Level
      Defining Retention Terms
      Accounting for Unbilled Retention
      Reviewing Retention Information
Reviewing Invoices
      Invoice Review Windows
      Invoice Window Regions
Approving, Releasing, and Printing Invoices
Changing Invoice Currency Attributes (Recalculating an Invoice)
Viewing Invoices
Viewing Invoices in Oracle Receivables
Adjusting Project Invoices
      Types of Invoice Adjustments
Adjusting an Invoice
Conditions That Allow Specific Invoice Actions
Integrating with Oracle Receivables
      Data that Oracle Projects Predefines
      Interface Invoices to Oracle Receivables
      Tieback Invoices from Oracle Receivables
      Sending Invoice Accounting to Oracle Subledger Accounting
      Automatic Tax Calculation
      Viewing Invoices in Oracle Receivables
      AR Merge

Inter-Project Billing

Overview of Inter-Project Billing
      Business Needs and Examples
Inter-Project Billing Project Relationships
Inter-Project Billing Process
Overview of Processing Flow for Inter-Project Billing
      Entering Inter-Project Transactions
      Interface the draft inter-project invoice to Oracle Receivables
      Interface the draft inter-project invoice to Oracle Payables
      Run Open Interface Import in Payables
      Interface the draft inter-project invoice to Oracle Projects
Adjusting Inter-Project Billing Invoices

Billing in a Global Environment

Billing in a Global Environment
      Currency Conversion Attributes
      Project Billing Transaction Currency

Federal Government Projects

Federal Projects: Overview
Process Flow for Federal Projects
Federal Projects: Accounting