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Oracle Scripting User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13593-04
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Oracle Scripting User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Scripting

Overview of Oracle Scripting
How Scripts are Used

Understanding Script Author

Script Author Terminology
Script Author Concepts and Features
Graphical Scripts
Graphical Script Components
      Configurable Objects
      Nonconfigurable Objects
      Panel Layout Editor
Global Script Properties
Hierarchical Graphs
Wizard Scripts
Comparisons Between Graphical and Wizard Scripts
      Graphical Scripts
      Wizard Scripts
      Differences Between Wizard and Graphical Scripts
Minimum Requirements for Any Graph
Oracle Scripting Users
Planning Scripts
      Recommended Script Creation Flow
      Obtaining Script Requirements Before Creating a Script
      Determining an Appropriate Script Creation Method
Custom Code
Using Custom Java
Java Applet Versus Standalone Application
Script Author File Management

Understanding the Scripting Engine

Scripting Engine Function
Scripting Engine Agent Interface
      Scripting Engine Agent Interface Components
      Scripting Engine Agent Interface Component Details
      Panel Display Area
      Progress Area
      Script Information Area
      Shortcut Button Area
      Disconnect Button
      Suspend Button
Scripting Engine Web Interface
      Scripting Engine Web Interface Components
      Scripting Engine Web Interface Component Details
      Panel Display Area
      Back Button
      Save for Later Button
      Reset to Default Button
      Next Button
      Suspending and Resuming in the Web Interface
      Uses for the Scripting Engine Web Interface
      Survey Resources
Web Interface and Agent Interface Layouts Compared
      Ramifications of User Interface Differences
Script End Users
Footprinting and Answer Collection

Understanding the Scripting Administration Console

Scripting Administration Console Features
      Script Author Applet
      Oracle Scripting File Administration
      Oracle Scripting Agent Interface Reports
Oracle Scripting Administration Concepts
      Scripting Administration Console
      Scripting Administration Console View List
      Agent Interface Reports

Understanding Survey Campaigns

Survey Campaign Administration Concepts
Survey Campaigns Supported in Two Technology Stacks
Survey Campaigns
      Survey Questionnaires
      Common Deployment Components
      Targeted Deployment Components
Statuses for Survey Campaigns and Deployments
      Survey Campaign Statuses
      Deployment Statuses
      Status Considerations for Targeted Deployments
      Effects of Setting Deployment to Closed
      Effects of Setting Deployment to Incomplete
Survey Resources
      Survey Resource Types and Technology Stacks
      Survey Resource Types
      Survey Resource Administration
      Survey Resource Definitions
      Physical Files and URLs
      OA Framework Survey Resources
      Creating OA Framework Survey Resources
      JTT Survey Resources
      Creating JTT Survey Resources
      Usage of Survey Resources in Survey Campaigns
      General Survey Resource Considerations
      Including Graphics in Survey Resources
      Using Default OA Framework Survey Resources for Implementation Testing
      Seeded JSP Survey Resources
      Test Survey Resources
      Using Test JSP Survey Resources for Implementation Testing
      Additional JSP Error Page Survey Resource for Hosted Surveys
      Sample Code for Test JSP Header Section Survey Resource
Survey Campaign Setup Examples
Survey Administration Console
The Survey URL
      Generating a Valid Survey URL
      Survey URL Syntax
      JSP Templates for Scripting Engine Web Interface Runtime Execution
      Guidelines for Survey URL Parameters
      References for Survey URL Parameters
Survey Reports
Concurrent Programs Supporting Survey Operations
Summarize Survey Data Concurrent Program
Update Deployment Status Concurrent Program

Planning Oracle Scripting Projects

Planning Agent Interface Projects
Planning Oracle Scripting Survey Campaigns
      Gathering All Survey Campaign Requirements
      Creating and Deploying a Survey Questionnaire
      Determining If Survey Campaign Requires Targeted Deployments
      Generating Lists
      Administering Survey Resources, Survey Campaign and Cycle Details
      Defining Deployments
      Activating Survey Campaigns
      Monitoring Survey Results
      Collecting Survey Results in Oracle RDBMS
      Reporting Survey Campaign Deployment Results
Planning Web Scripts

Using the Script Wizard

Wizard Script Hierarchy
Overview of Wizard Script Pages and Operation Flow
Overview of Standard Wizard Script Setup
Wizard Pages
      Script Manager
      Define Script Properties Page
      Panel Manager
      Define Panel Information Page
      Set Destination Panel Page
      Question Manager
      Define Question Main Properties Page
      Define Question Detail Page
      Answer Manager
      Define Answer Choice Page
Accessing the Script Wizard
Managing Scripts in the Script Wizard
Managing Panels in the Script Wizard
Managing Questions in the Script Wizard
Managing Answer Choices in the Script Wizard
Saving and Deploying Wizard Scripts
      Understanding Save Options
      Save and Continue Editing
      Save and Exit
      Save, Deploy and Exit
Determining Flow with the Script Wizard
Wizard Script Flow Strategies
      Distinct Branching and Wizard Scripts
      Placeholder Panels
What Do Wizard Scripts Contain or Exclude?

Using Graphical Scripts

Graphical Script Layout
      Graphical Script Toolbars
Overview of Objects and Branches
Script Author Terminology
General Canvas Operations
      Inserting Objects and Branches
      Enabling Automatic Popup of Properties Windows at Object Creation Time
      Editing Objects and Branches
      Deleting Objects and Branches
      Standard User Interface Operations
Working with Graphical Scripts
      Creating New Graphical Scripts
      Opening Graphical Scripts
      Saving Graphical Scripts
      Reversing All Changes Since the Last Save to File System
      Importing Scripts
      Exporting Script Groups as Separate Script Files
      Printing Graphs
      Enabling and Disabling Sticky Mode
      Closing Scripts and Exiting Script Author
      Defining Global Script Attributes
      Script Properties
      Notes on Script Properties
      Programming the Script Disconnect Button
Working with Panels
      Panel Properties and Attributes
      Notes on General Panel Properties
      Inserting Panels
      Defining General Panel Properties
      Button Considerations for Panels
      Substituting a Java Bean for a Panel
Understanding Answer Properties and Answer Types
      Answer Properties
      Answer Properties in the Answer Entry Dialog Window
      Answer Properties in the Edit Data Dictionary Window
      Notes on Edit Data Dictionary Properties
      Answer Properties Specific to Answer Types
      Characteristics of Specific Answer Types
      Guidance on Using Specific Answer Types
Working with Answers and Answer Properties
      Adding and Editing Panel Answers
      Defining Lookups
      Using Answers in Table Insertions and Updates
      Adding Validation to Answers
      Continue Button Considerations for Answers
      Restrictions for Answer Property Changes
Working with the Panel Layout Editor
      When Should You Use the Panel Layout Editor?
      What Can You Do in the Panel Layout Editor?
      Panel Layout Editor Menu and Toolbars
      Opening the Panel Layout Editor
      Entering and Formatting Panel Text
      Inserting Embedded Values
      Inserting Images
      Inserting Hypertext Links
      Saving Text
      Exporting Panel Text to HTML Files
      Importing HTML Files into the Panel Layout Editor
      Customizing the Panel HTML
Working with Groups
      Group Properties and Attributes
      Notes on Group Properties and Attributes
      Inserting Groups
      Defining Shortcuts
      Importing Saved Scripts as Groups
Working with Blocks
      Block Properties and Attributes
      Notes on General Block Properties and Attributes
      Notes on Block Object Dictionary Properties
      Inserting Blocks
      Defining Query Blocks
      Defining Insert and Update Blocks
      Defining API Blocks
Using Subgraph Information in Blocks and Groups
Working with Branches
      Branch Properties
      Reordering Branches
      Adding Corners To and Removing Corners From Branches
      Changing Destinations of Branches
      Considerations for Indeterminate Branches
Working with Database Connections
Defining Actions
Defining Commands
      Defining Java Commands
      Defining PL/SQL Commands
      Defining Blackboard Commands
      Defining Forms Commands
      Defining Constant Commands
      Defining Delete Actions
Reusing Commands
      Defining Reusable Commands
      Copying, Modifying, or Deleting Reusable Commands
      Importing Reusable Commands Into a Script
Deploying Scripts
      Checking Script Syntax
      Deploying Scripts to the Database from Script Author
      Deploying Scripts to the Database from the Command Line
Recovering from an Expired Session
Packaging Java Bean or Custom Java Code Into a JAR File

Using the Scripting Engine

Using the Scripting Engine Agent Interface
      Launching a Script in Standalone Mode
      Executing a Script in the Agent Interface
      Suspending an Oracle Scripting Transaction in the Agent Interface
Using the Scripting Engine Web Interface
      Launching Scripts in the Web Interface
      Navigating the Web Interface
      Issues Arising from the Use of Browser Buttons
      Suspending and Resuming Web Interface Oracle Scripting Transactions
Scripting Engine Sessions and Transactions
      Oracle Scripting and Oracle Applications Sessions
      Oracle Scripting Sessions
      Script Transactions

Example of Starting to Create a Wizard Script

First Steps of Setting Up Purchase and Risk Script
Wizard Objects in the Manager Pages