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Oracle Subledger Accounting Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13628-04
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Oracle Subledger Accounting Implementation Guide


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Subledger Accounting Options Setup

Subledger Accounting Options Setup Overview
Subledger Accounting Options Setup Pages
Setting Up Subledger Accounting Options
      Subledger Accounting Options Setup Description

Accounting Methods Builder

Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) Overview
Accounting Methods Builder Process
      Step 1. Define Journal Line Types
      Step 2. Define Journal Entry Descriptions.
      Step 3. Define Mapping Sets.
      Step 4. Define Account Derivation Rules.
      Step 5. Define Supporting References.
      Step 6. Define Journal Lines Definitions.
      Step 7. Define Application Accounting Definitions.
      Step 8. Define Subledger Accounting Methods.
Copy and Modify Functionality
Transaction and Accounting Charts of Accounts
      Transaction Chart of Accounts
      Accounting Chart of Accounts
      Multiple Representations
      Using the Transaction and Accounting Chart of Accounts
      Assigning the Transaction and Accounting Chart of Accounts
      Chart of Accounts Mapping
Event Model
Custom Sources
      Defining Custom Sources
Accounting Attributes Guideline
Post-Accounting Programs
Business Flows
      Business Flows Features
      Business Flows Setup Considerations and Tasks
      Copy from the Prior Journal Entry Business Flow Method Process
      Copy from the Same Entry Business Flow Method Process
Journal Line Types
      Journal Line Types Features
      Defining Journal Line Types
      To Define Journal Line Types
      Defining Conditions for Journal Line Types
      Copying Journal Line Types and Their Associated Conditions
Defining Journal Entry Descriptions
      To Define a Journal Entry Description
      To Define Journal Entry Description Details
      Journal Entry Description Conditions
      Copying Journal Entry Descriptions
Mapping Sets
      Defining Mapping Sets
      Mapping Sets Examples
Account Derivation Rules
      Accounting Flexfield Rules
      Segment Rules
      Value Set Rules
      Account Derivation Rules Examples
      Defining Account Derivation Rules
      Account Derivation Rules Conditions
Supporting References
      Defining Supporting References
      Updating Supporting References
      Duplicating Supporting References
      Deleting Supporting References
Journal Lines Definitions
      Defining Journal Lines Definitions
Multiperiod Accounting
      Multiperiod Accounting Process
      Multiperiod Accounting Example
      Defining Multiperiod Accounting
Accrual Reversals
Application Accounting Definitions
      Defining an Application Accounting Definition
      Copying and Modifying Application Accounting Definitions
      Import Application Accounting Definitions
Export Application Accounting Definitions
Subledger Accounting Methods
      To Define a Subledger Accounting Method
      Copy and Modify a Subledger Accounting Method
Accounting Definitions Inquiry
      Accounting Definitions Inquiry Windows

Create Accounting and Transfer Journal Entries to GL Programs

Overview of Create Accounting and Transfer Journal Entries to GL Programs
      Create Accounting Program
      Transfer Journal Entries to GL Program
Oracle Subledger Accounting Program Report
Transfer Journal Entries to GL Report

Conversion of Historical Data for Reporting Currencies and Secondary Ledgers

Conversion of Historical Data for Reporting Currencies and Secondary Ledgers
Running the SLA Secondary/ALC Ledger Historic Upgrade Program
Running the Upgrade Historical Subledger Transaction Accounting Program on Demand

Diagnostic Framework

Diagnostic Framework Overview
Diagnostic Framework Business Process Flow Diagram
Diagnostic Framework Features
      SLA: Enable Diagnostics Profile Option
      Diagnostic Framework Execution
      Transaction Objects Diagnostics Report
      Purge Transaction Objects Diagnostics

Subledger Journal Entries

Subledger Journal Entries Overview
Creating Manual Subledger Journal Entries


Subledger Accounting Inquiries Overview
Accounting Events Inquiry
Subledger Journal Entry Headers Inquiry
Subledger Journal Entry Lines Inquiry
Viewing Supporting Reference Balances

Reporting Sequence

Reporting Sequence Overview
Sequence Programs
Reporting Sequence Process Flow Diagram
      Reporting Sequence Process Steps

Subledger Accounting Reports

Subledger Accounting Reports Overview
Journal Entries Report
Account Analysis Report
Third Party Balances Report
Multiperiod Accounting Reports
Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report
Subledger Accounting Rules Detail Listing Report

Open Account Balances Listing

Open Account Balances Listing
Open Account Balances Listing Process Steps
Creating Open Account Balances Listing Definitions
Open Account Balances Data Manager
Open Account Balances Listing

Transaction Account Builder

Transaction Account Builder Overview
Transaction Account Components
Transaction Account Builder Setup Process

Oracle Subledger Accounting Navigation Paths

Navigation Paths

Oracle Subledger Accounting Profile Options and Profile Option Categories

Profile Options and Profile Option Categories Overview
Profile Option Category and Profile Option Descriptions
      Accounting Methods Builder
      Debug Category
      Deployment Category
      Security Category

Subledger Journal Entry Definition

Subledger Journal Entry Definition Overview
High Level Definition of a Subledger Journal Entry
Subledger Journal Entry Header Validation
Subledger Journal Entry Line Validation
Subledger Journal Entry Balancing Rules
      Balanced by Ledger Currency
      Balanced by Entered Currency
      Balanced by Balancing Segment
      Example - Valid Debits and Credits
      Example - Invalid Debits and Credits