Oracle Process Manufacturing System Administration User's Guide


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OPM System Setup

Querying Document Types
Querying a Document Order
Querying Geography Codes
Querying Organizations
Editing Paragraphs
Querying Reason Codes
Viewing Reason Code Security
Editing Session Parameters
Editing Text Tokens
Units of Measure
New Unit of Measure Functionality
Viewing User Organization
Viewing User Planning Classes
Actions Menu
Edit Text
Setting Up Profile Options

Understanding Migration

Understanding the Migration Process
Using the Convergence Migration Setup Window
Viewing Migration Log

Archive and Purge

Understanding the Archive and Purge Process
Setting Up Archive and Purge Types
Archive and Purge
Using the Archive and Purge Runtime window
Running an Archive and Purge Inquiry

Workflow Setup

Business Needs
Workflow Graphical Process Navigator
GPN Navigation
Workflow Process Activation
Defining Configuration Parameters for an Approval Process
Finding a Process Configuration Parameter
Defining Configuration Parameters for an Approval Process Activity
Finding a Workflow Process Configuration Parameter
Configuring a Workflow Process
Finding an Approval Configuration Parameter
Adding Workflow Activity Configuration Parameters
Viewing Workflow Activations

Navigation Paths

Navigation Paths

Audit Trail Seed Data

Audit Trail Seed Data