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Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13671-10
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Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Implementation Guide


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Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Overview

Overview of Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
Asset Management
eAM Work Management
Integration with Other Oracle Application Products

Process Flows

Work Execution Implementation Flow
Preventive Maintenance Implementation Flow

Setting Up

Before You Begin
Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Setup Overview
Organization Setup
Setting Up Organizations
Enabling Organizations for Enterprise Asset Management
Setting Up Install Base Parameters
Setting Up Services Fulfillment Manager Parameters
Defining eAM Parameters
General eAM Setup
Setting Up Areas
Defining Departments and Resources
Defining Department Approvers
Defining Miscellaneous Documents
Setting Up Electronic Records and Signatures
Defining Lookups
Asset Setup
Using the Activity Workbench
Rebuildable Item Setup
Non-Stock Direct Item Setup
Preventive Maintenance Setup
eAM Planning and Scheduling
Defining a Master Demand Schedule Name
Defining a Material Requirements Plan Name
Defining Plan Options
Quality Integration Setup
Creating Collection Elements
Creating eAM Quality Collection Plans
Creating eAM Quality Collection Plans for a Supplier
Outside Processing Integration Setup
Setting Up Outside Service Processing
Setting Up Direct Items
Cost Management Integration Setup
Setting Up Cost Categories
Setting Up Purchase Order Category Associations for Direct Items
Setting Up eAM Cost Management
Setting Up Zero Cost Rebuild Item Issue
Process and Discrete Manufacturing Integration Setup
Organization Setup
Associating Assets with Production Equipment
Encumbrance Accounting
Project Manufacturing Integration Setup
Project Definition
Property Manager Integration Setup
Setting Up eAM Prerequisites
Executing the Export Process
Executing the Asset Number Interface
Service Integration Setup
Creating Maintenance Service Request Types
Enabling Service Requests for Assets and Rebuildables
Enabling eAM Specific Fields
Oracle Time and Labor Integration Setup
Defining Persons as Users
Creating Eligibility Criteria
Work Order Billing Setup
Setting Up Parameters
Setting up Costs for the Cost Plus Billing Basis
Setting up Prices for the Price List Billing Basis
Service Attribute Setup
Setting Up Billable Material
Setting Up a Billable Resource
Setting Up a Billable Activity

eAM Profile Options

Profile Option Summary
Profile Option Details
Profile Options in Other Applications
Profile Option Details in Other Applications

eAM Open Interfaces and APIs

eAM Open Interfaces and APIs
eAM Item Open Interface
eAM Asset Number Open Interface
eAM Asset Genealogy Open Interface
eAM Meter Reading Open Interface
Asset Number API
Asset Attribute Values API
Asset Attribute Groups API
Asset Routes API
Asset Areas API
Department Approvers API
EAM Parameters API
EAM Meters API
EAM Meter Association API
Meter Reading API
EAM PM Schedules API (includes PM Rules as children records)
Activity Creation API
EAM Activity Association API
EAM Activity Suppression API
EAM Set Name API
Import Geocode API
Maintenance Object Instantiation API
Work Order Business Object API
Process Maintenance Work Order API
Work Request API

eAM Descriptive Flexfields

eAM Descriptive Flexfields

GIS Integration: Implementing the Custom Mapviewer

Implementing the Custom Mapviewer
GIS Integration - Implementing Custom Mapviewer

Windows and Navigation Paths

Windows and Navigation Paths
Default Navigation Paths for Standard Application Windows