Oracle Bills of Material User's Guide


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Setting Up

Related Product Steps
Setup Steps
Defining Bills of Material Parameters
Creating Alternates
Creating Custom Deletion Statements and Constraints
Creating a Department Class
Defining a Department
Assigning Resources to a Department
Defining a Resource
Defining Resource Setup Information
Using the Workday Calendar
Defining Lookups
Assigning View-only Privileges to Forms
Bills of Material Profile Options
Subscribing to Bills of Material Business Events

Bills of Material

Overview of Bills of Material
Creating a Bill of Material
Copying Bill and Routing Information
Referencing Common Bills and Routings
Assigning Descriptive Elements
Creating Reference Designators
Assigning Substitute Components
Defining Item Revisions
Defining Bill or Routing Operation Documents
Attaching Files
Checking for Bill Loops
Modifying Components and Bills
Mass Changing Bills of Material
Viewing an Indented Bill of Material
Comparing Bills of Material
Viewing Item Usage
Bills of Material Field Reference
Bill / Component Validation Rules
Creating a Product Family


Overview of Routings
Creating a Routing
Creating a Standard Operation
Viewing Resource Usage
Routings Field Reference

Deleting Information

Deleting Items, Bills, Routings, Components, and Operations
Deletion Constraints and Statements

Configure to Order

Overview of Configure To Order
Overview of Model and Option Class Bills of Material
AutoCreate Configuration Items
Deactivating Configuration Items

Manufacturing Scheduling

Overview of Manufacturing Scheduling
Detailed Scheduling
Repetitive Line Scheduling
Dynamic Lead Time Offsetting
Required Lead Time Information
Lead Time Offsetting Computations

Manufacturing Lead Times

Overview of Lead Time Management
Calculating Lead Times

Oracle E-Records

21 CFR Part 11 Overview
E-records and E-signatures for Oracle Bills of Material
Viewing Oracle E-Records and E-Signatures

Reports and Processes

Bill of Material Comparison Report
Bill of Material Listing
Bill of Material Loop Report
Bill of Material Structure Report
Bills of Material Parameters Report
Calculate Cumulative Yield for Network Routing
Calculate Manufacturing Lead Times
Consolidated Bill of Material Report
Delete Items Report
Department Classes Report
Department Report
Item Where Used Report
Pre-Explode Configurable Bills of Material
Resource Report
Resource Where Used Report
Rollup Cumulative Lead Times
Routing Report
Standard Operation Report
Workday Exception Sets Report
Oracle Configurator Concurrent Programs

Oracle Bills of Material Windows and Navigator Paths

Bills of Material Windows and Navigator Paths

Oracle Bills of Material Tools Menu

Bills of Material Tools Menu
Oracle Bills Of Material Character Mode Forms and Corresponding GUI Windows

Business Event Data for Oracle Bills of Material

Business Events
Sample Subscription Functions