Oracle Release Management User's Guide


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Release Management

Overview of Oracle Release Management

Release Management Processing Rules

Overview of Processing Rules
Establish Release Management Processing Rules
Processing Rules
Release Management Processing Rules
Demand Management
Demand Fences
Order Management
CUM Management
Consume Demand Hierarchy
      Consume Demand Hierarchy Example
      ATS Pre-Horizon Disposition Rule Application
      Tolerance Changes
      Demand Fences
      Explanation of Frozen Fence and Roll Forward in Sales Order Results
      Sales Order
      Sales Agreement
      Ship From Derivation
Matching Attributes

Shipment Delivery Rules

Overview of Shipment Delivery Rules
Maintain Ship/Delivery Pattern Code

Release Management Workbench

Overview of Release Management Workbench
      Release Management Workbench Prerequisites
      Release Workbench Tools Menu
Schedule Summary
Schedule Summary Query
Overview of Schedule Details
Schedule Details - Header View
Schedule Details - Lines View
      Non-Sequenced View
      Sequenced View
Schedule Details - Exceptions View
Horizontal Demand
Horizontal Schedule

CUM Workbench

Overview of CUM Workbench
Daily Processing
CUM Change Processing
CUM Management
CUM Workbench
CUM Key Details
Inactivating a CUM Key
Creating a CUM Key
Entering a CUM Adjustment

Reports and Processes

Overview of Reports and Processes
Demand Status Inquiry Report
Net Change Report
Release Management Exceptions Report
EDI Inbound Transactions
Release Management Demand Processor
Release Management Purge Schedule
CUM Transactions CUM Key Adjustment
Compare Schedule to Demand Report
Schedule/Release Report

Message Categories

Overview of Message Categories
Set Up Message Categories

Windows and Navigator Paths

Windows and Navigator Paths

Oracle Release Management Demand Processor

Overview of Oracle Release Management Demand Processor
Business Flow
      Using Demand Management
Demand Processing Logic
      Load Demand Schedule Interface
      Demand Processor
      Manage New Demand
      Reconcile Old and New Demand
      Sales Order and Demand Processing
      Forecast Processing
Responding to Schedule Exceptions
Identify Errors and Causes
      Examine Schedule
      Correct Erroneous Data
      Re submit the Schedule to Demand Processor
Oracle Release Management Setup Issues
      Oracle Release Management Processing Rules Order of Precedence
      Booking Order and Order Type
Troubleshooting Illustrations
      Optional Matching Attributes
      e-Commerce Gateway Integration
      Processing Rules Hierarchy
      Trading Partner Toolkit
      XML Gateway Integration