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Oracle Knowledge Management is an information management system that uses knowledge capture, storage, and distribution tools that Oracle developed. Implementing Oracle Knowledge Management provides the features of solution search, creation, organization, and access to new solutions. Oracle Knowledge Management provides focused results that more directly relate to the issue being researched, thus reducing the cost of providing service while increasing customer satisfaction, and gaining an edge over competitors. Solution Security lets you manage who can view which information to help you manage the relative confidentiality and visibility of information.

Oracle Knowledge Management currently provides solution management functionality to other Oracle Applications modules, such as Oracle iSupport, Oracle TeleService, Oracle Field Service, Oracle Depot Repair, and Oracle eMail Center. The Oracle Knowledge Management architecture supports diverse usage and integration with other Oracle modules.

Key Features

Key features in Oracle Knowledge Management include:

Flexible Structure of Knowledge

The flexible structure of knowledge offers you:

Categorization of Solutions

In Oracle Knowledge Management, solutions are segregated in categories or folders for browsing or for performing a category-specific search for solutions.

A merchant can categorize solutions for retrieval by its users. A user can choose a category or a subcategory during search to direct the search to a specific information area.

Creation and Searching by Multiple Solution Types

Information in Oracle Knowledge Management is organized into solutions, which is a collection of statements. You can create multiple Solution Types to organize solutions. You can also search by either the Symptom-Cause-Action (default) Solution Type or any other Solution Type, such as Problem and Resolution, that you can create.

Security Control on Data

Solution Security allows you to restrict which areas of the knowledge base that users can search and browse. It also provides the ability to control the categories in which a Knowledge Worker can create and update solutions.

Security for solutions and Solution Categories are based on:

Effective Text Searching

Oracle Knowledge Management integrates with Oracle Text to provide the text searching functionality. Oracle Knowledge Management allows users to search using different search options, such as Any Keywords, or All Keywords. To focus search results, you can search for solutions under different products, platforms, or categories.

Scoring of each solution is based on the text match that Oracle Text performs. The maximum score is 100. Solution scores vary depending on the search method that you are using.

The search score can incorporate users' feedback.

Simple Search lets you search for solutions and other useful information, such as Service Request and Forum messages. You can include different repositories in the Simple Search. If you would like to perform a more detailed and expanded search on solutions, you can use the Advanced Solution Search.

Integration With Other Oracle Applications

Oracle Knowledge Management integrates with other Oracle Applications, such as Oracle iSupport, Oracle TeleService, Oracle Field Service, Oracle Depot Repair, and Oracle eMail Center. Users of all these applications can search the same knowledge base for solutions and contribute new solutions to the knowledge base.

Solution Management

Oracle Knowledge Management provides the functionality to create, update, and approve solutions. A solution is a structured piece of knowledge that consists of the following primary attributes: title, type, Visibility, an associated category, and statements. You can classify solutions by associating the solutions to items (products) or platforms. Solution can also contain attachments, task group templates, and references to external objects.

Oracle Knowledge Management provides an HTML content creation tool for those who create statements through the Rich Text Editor. While creating a statement, you can find matching statements in the knowledge base to prevent duplication. You can reuse statements in more than one solution.

When you work on a solution, you can lock the solution and work on a local copy before the solution is ready to submit for approval.

When the solution is ready for submission, you can preview the solution before submitting it. The preview allows users to detect any potential errors and correct mistakes in the solution content.

Solution reviewers can use comments as a communication channel.

Agent Facing Flows in OA Framework

Oracle Knowledge Management agent pages use the OA framework. The look and feel of the application is consistent with the rest of the Oracle Applications. Oracle Applications provides better personalization support.

Solution Scoring

Oracle Knowledge Management evaluates the criteria to produce a score to present the best solution first. The scoring criteria include the number of times that a solution has: been linked to an external object and solved; been linked to external objects; received positive feedback; been viewed as a solution; or received negative feedback. The maximum score is 100. Solution scores vary depending on the search method.

Solution usage recording for Oracle iSupport tracks your customers' access to solutions. Solution usage recording can assist customer service agents identify relevant solutions when they assist their customers.


Oracle Knowledge Management integrates with the following Oracle Applications modules:

For information about searching with integrated products, see:

About Searching with Integrated Modules--Agent Flows

About Searching with Integrated Products--Customer Flows

Oracle iSupport

Oracle iSupport is a customer service portal that allows both customer and employee users of a service organization to resolve their issues themselves and to receive assisted service over the Internet. Oracle iSupport enhances customer satisfaction while cutting the costs of customer support and improving the productivity of service organizations. For more information, see the Oracle iSupport User Guide.

Oracle iSupport uses Oracle Knowledge Management to search for published solutions. Oracle iSupport users and service agents can search Oracle Knowledge Management for solutions. Oracle iSupport users can also see frequently used solutions and solutions recommended by an Oracle Knowledge Management administrator, without waiting for a service agent's assistance.

Oracle TeleService

Oracle TeleService (Support module) is a Service Request Management System that integrates with Oracle Knowledge Management for resolving customer issues. It is an agent-facing module that a customer service representative or agent (CSR) uses. Oracle TeleService provides an integrated solution for conducting all aspects of customer management and interaction. It provides call center agents with the tools and information required for effective customer relationship management. For more information, see the Oracle TeleService User Guide.

The integration of Oracle TeleService's Service Request module with Oracle Knowledge Management reflects the following process flow:

Oracle Depot Repair

Oracle Depot Repair tracks and manages the repair process in a service organization. This module reduces customer downtime and helps bridge the gap while the product is being repaired. For more information, see the Oracle Depot Repair User Guide.

Oracle eMail Center

Oracle eMail Center manages inbound e-mail interactions with customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and others who interact with an organization. Oracle eMail Center provides agents with tools and capabilities to maximize their productivity and effectiveness. For more information, see the Oracle eMail Center User Guide.

Oracle Knowledge Management integrates with Oracle eMail Center during inbound email processing. Oracle eMail Center agents can search for appropriate solutions in Oracle Knowledge Management while responding to an e-mail. The eMail Center agents can send solutions as an e-mail message to the customer.

Oracle Partners Online

Oracle Partners Online is the entry point for Partner Relationship Management (PRM) services across the pre-sales, sales and post-sales inter-company processes for companies and their partners. These services include:

Users of Oracle Partners Online can access Oracle Knowledge Management by way of the Support tab in Oracle iSupport. For more information, see the Oracle Partners Online User Guide and the Oracle iSupport User Guide.