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SPARC Assembly Language Reference Manual
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1.  SPARC Assembler for SunOS 5.x

2.  Assembler Syntax

3.  Executable and Linking Format

4.  Converting Files to the New Format

5.  Instruction-Set Mapping

A.  Pseudo-Operations

B.  Examples of Pseudo-Operations

C.  Using the Assembler Command Line

D.  An Example Language Program

E.  SPARC-V9 Instruction Set

E.1 SPARC-V9 Changes

E.1.1 Registers

E.1.2 Alternate Space Access

E.1.3 Byte Order

E.2 SPARC-V9 Instruction Set Changes

E.2.1 Extended Instruction Definitions to Support the 64-bit Model

E.2.2 Added Instructions to Support 64 bits

E.2.3 Added Instructions to Support High-Performance System Implementation

E.2.4 Deleted Instructions

E.2.5 Miscellaneous Instruction Changes

E.3 SPARC-V9 Instruction Set Mapping

E.4 SPARC-V9 Floating-Point Instruction Set Mapping

E.5 SPARC-V9 Synthetic Instruction-Set Mapping

E.6 UltraSPARC and VIS Instruction Set Extensions

E.6.1 Graphics Data Formats

E.6.2 Eight-bit Format

E.6.3 Fixed Data Formats

E.6.4 SHUTDOWN Instruction

E.6.5 Graphics Status Register (GSR)

E.6.6 Graphics Instructions

E.6.7 Memory Access Instructions


Appendix E

SPARC-V9 Instruction Set

This appendix describes changes made to the SPARC instruction set due to the SPARC-V9 architecture. Application software for the 32-bit SPARC-V8 (Version8) architecture can execute, unchanged, on SPARC-V9 systems.

This appendix is organized into the following sections: