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Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide
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1.  Overview of Solaris Web-Based Enterprise Management

2.  Using the CIM Object Manager

3.  Using the Sample Programs

About the Sample Programs

Sample Applet

How to Run the Sample Applet Using Appletviewer

How to Run the Sample Applet in a Web Browser

Sample Client Programs

Running the Sample Client Programs

How to Set the CLASSPATH

How to Run the Sample Client Programs

Sample Provider Programs

How to Run the Sample Provider Programs

4.  Writing a Client Program

5.  Writing WBEM Queries

6.  Writing a Provider Program

7.  Creating JavaBeans Components Using the MOF Compiler

8.  Administering Security

9.  Troubleshooting

A.  Solaris Platform Schema


Chapter 3

Using the Sample Programs

This chapter describes the sample programs provided with the Solaris WBEM SDK, and includes the following topics: