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Linker and Libraries Guide
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1.  Introduction to the Oracle Solaris Link Editors

2.  Link-Editor

3.  Runtime Linker

4.  Shared Objects

5.  Application Binary Interfaces and Versioning

6.  Support Interfaces

7.  Object File Format

8.  Thread-Local Storage

9.  Mapfiles

A.  Link-Editor Quick Reference

B.  Versioning Quick Reference

C.  Establishing Dependencies with Dynamic String Tokens

D.  Direct Bindings

E.  System V Release 4 (Version 1) Mapfiles

Mapfile Structure and Syntax

Segment Declarations

Mapping Directives

Section-Within-Segment Ordering

Size-Symbol Declarations

File Control Directives

Mapping Example

Mapfile Option Defaults

Internal Map Structure

F.  Linker and Libraries Updates and New Features


Appendix E

System V Release 4 (Version 1) Mapfiles

Note - This appendix describes the original System V Release 4 mapfile language (version 1). Although this mapfile syntax remains supported, the version 2 mapfile language described in Chapter 9, Mapfiles is recommended for new applications.

The link-editor automatically and intelligently maps input sections from relocatable objects to segments in the output file being created. The -M option with an associated mapfile enables you to change the default mapping provided by the link-editor. In addition, new segments can be created, attributes modified, and symbol versioning information can be supplied with the mapfile.

Note - When using a mapfile option, you can easily create an output file that does not execute. The link-editor knows how to produce a correct output file without the use of the mapfile option.

Sample mapfiles provided on the system reside in the /usr/lib/ld directory.