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DTrace User Guide
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1.  Introduction

2.  DTrace Basics

Listing Probes

Specifying Probes in DTrace

Enabling Probes

DTrace Action Basics

Data Recording Actions

The trace() function

The tracemem() function

The printf() function

The printa() function

The stack() function

The ustack() function

The jstack() function

Destructive Actions

Process Destructive Actions

The stop() function

The raise() function

The copyout() function

The copyoutstr() function

The system() function

Kernel Destructive Actions

The breakpoint() function

The panic() function

The chill() function

DTrace Aggregations

DTrace Aggregation Syntax

3.  Scripting With the D Language

4.  Using DTrace


Chapter 2

DTrace Basics

This chapter provides a tour of the DTrace facility and provides examples of several basic tasks.