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DTrace User Guide
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1.  Introduction

2.  DTrace Basics

3.  Scripting With the D Language

4.  Using DTrace

Performance Monitoring

Examining Performance Problems With The sysinfo Provider

Tracing User Processes

Using the copyin() and copyinstr() Subroutines

Avoiding Errors

Eliminating dtrace Interference

syscall Provider

The ustack() Action

The pid Provider

User Function Boundary Tracing

Tracing Arbitrary Instructions

Anonymous Tracing

Anonymous Enablings

Claiming Anonymous State

Anonymous Tracing Examples

Speculative Tracing

Speculation Interfaces

Creating a Speculation

Using a Speculation

Committing a Speculation

Discarding a Speculation

Speculation Example


Chapter 4

Using DTrace

This chapter examines the use of DTrace for common basic tasks, and has information on several different types of tracing.