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Oracle Solaris SAN Configuration and Multipathing Guide
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1.  Product Overview

2.  Fibre Channel Configuration Overview

3.  Administering Multipathing Devices Through mpathadm Commands

4.  Configuring Multipathing Software

5.  Configuring SAN Devices

6.  Configuring SAS Domains

7.  Configuring IPFC SAN Devices

8.  Solaris 10 10/08 x86/x64 Fibre Channel Operating System Booting Procedure

9.  Persistent Binding for Tape Devices

A.  Manual Configuration for Fabric-Connected Devices

B.  Supported FC-HBA API

C.  Multipathing Troubleshooting

System Fails to Boot During stmsboot

To Recover From Single User Mode

System Crashes During stmsboot

To Recover from a System Crash


System Crashes During stmsboot

During the reboot following stmsboot enable (-e), disable (-d), or update (-u) operations, if your system hangs, panics, or fails to boot, follow the instructions below to recover your original configuration.