Oracle® Communications ASAP Cartridge Development Guide
Release 7.2



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1 Overview

2 Creating a Cartridge Project

3 Configuring Network Element Connections

4 Mapping Network Element Commands to Actions, Entities, and Parameters

5 Creating and Configuring Atomic Actions and Action Processors

6 Configuring Static Routing

7 Configuring Dynamic Routing

8 Creating Service Actions

9 Configuring Base Exit and User Exit Types

10 Configuring Dynamic and Static Event Templates for Return Parameters

11 Creating Java Connection Handlers

12 Creating Java Action Processors

13 Creating Java User Exit Types

14 Documenting ASAP Cartridges

15 Work Order Processing and Sample Work Orders

16 Creating and Deploying a SAR File (ASAP Cartridge)

A Configuring Services Using XML

B Configuring Services Using Stored Procedures