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Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Performance Tuning Guide
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1.  Overview of GlassFish Server Performance Tuning

2.  Tuning Your Application

3.  Tuning the GlassFish Server

4.  Tuning the Java Runtime System

5.  Tuning the Operating System and Platform

Server Scaling



Disk Space


UDP Buffer Sizes

To Determine an Optimal UDP Buffer Size

To Set the UDP Buffer Size on Linux Systems

Solaris 10 Platform-Specific Tuning Information

Tuning for the Solaris OS

Tuning Parameters

Sizing the Connection Hash Table

File Descriptor Setting

Tuning for Solaris on x86

File Descriptors

IP Stack Settings

Tuning for Linux platforms

Startup Files

File Descriptors

Virtual Memory

Network Interface

Disk I/O Settings

To tune disk I/O performance for non SCSI disks

TCP/IP Settings

To tune the TCP/IP settings

Tuning UltraSPARC CMT-Based Systems

Tuning Operating System and TCP Settings

Disk Configuration

Network Configuration


Chapter 5

Tuning the Operating System and Platform

This chapter discusses tuning the operating system (OS) for optimum performance. It discusses the following topics: