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Oracle GlassFish Server Message Queue 4.5 Administration Guide
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Document Information


Part I Introduction to Message Queue Administration

1.  Administrative Tasks and Tools

2.  Quick-Start Tutorial

Starting the Administration Console

Administration Console Online Help

Working With Brokers

Starting a Broker

Adding a Broker to the Administration Console

To Add a Broker to the Administration Console

Connecting to a Broker

To Connect to a Broker

Viewing Connection Services

To View Available Connection Services

Working With Physical Destinations

Creating a Physical Destination

To Add a Physical Destination to a Broker

Viewing Physical Destination Properties

To View or Modify the Properties of a Physical Destination

Purging Messages From a Physical Destination

To Purge Messages From a Physical Destination

Deleting a Physical Destination

To Delete a Physical Destination

Working With Object Stores

Adding an Object Store

To Add an Object Store to the Administration Console

Connecting to an Object Store

To Connect to an Object Store

Working With Administered Objects

Adding a Connection Factory

To Add a Connection Factory to an Object Store

Adding a Destination

To Add a Destination to an Object Store

Viewing Administered Object Properties

To View or Modify the Properties of an Administered Object

Deleting an Administered Object

To Delete an Administered Object

Running the Sample Application

To Run the Sample Application

Part II Administrative Tasks

3.  Starting Brokers and Clients

4.  Configuring a Broker

5.  Managing a Broker

6.  Configuring and Managing Connection Services

7.  Managing Message Delivery

8.  Configuring Persistence Services

9.  Configuring and Managing Security Services

10.  Configuring and Managing Broker Clusters

11.  Managing Administered Objects

12.  Configuring and Managing Bridge Services

13.  Monitoring Broker Operations

14.  Analyzing and Tuning a Message Service

15.  Troubleshooting

Part III Reference

16.  Command Line Reference

17.  Broker Properties Reference

18.  Physical Destination Property Reference

19.  Administered Object Attribute Reference

20.  JMS Resource Adapter Property Reference

21.  Metrics Information Reference

22.  JES Monitoring Framework Reference

Part IV Appendixes

A.  Distribution-Specific Locations of Message Queue Data

B.  Stability of Message Queue Interfaces

C.  HTTP/HTTPS Support

D.  JMX Support

E.  Frequently Used Command Utility Commands


Starting the Administration Console

To start the Administration Console, enter the command:


You may need to wait a few seconds before the Administration Console window is displayed (see Figure 2-1).

Figure 2-1 Administration Console Window

image:Startup screen for Sun Java System Message Queue. Tree view in left pane; contents in right pane.

Take a few seconds to examine the Administration Console window. It has a menu bar at the top, a tool bar just below it, a navigation pane to the left, a result pane to the right (now displaying graphics identifying the Oracle GlassFish Server Message Queue product), and a status pane at the bottom.

Note - As you work with the Administration Console, you can use the Refresh command on the View menu to update the visual display of any element or group of elements, such as a list of brokers or object stores.