C H A P T E R  1

Introduction to the Sun Blade X6220 Server Module

This chapter contains an overview of the Sun Blade X6220 server module and contains the following topics:

1.1 Features of the Server Module

The Sun Blade X6220 server module is a 1U server designed to fit into the Sun Blade 6000 chassis system. The Sun Blade X6220 server module supports two 120W Opteron Rev F processors and embedded I/O that provides PCI Express, SAS, and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to the Sun Blade 6000 chassis midplane, and four SAS or SATA drive interfaces at the front of the server module.

Server monitoring is performed by a PowerPC based service processor (SP) module that plugs into the Sun Blade X6220 server module.

TABLE 1-1 summarizes the features of the server module.

TABLE 1-1 Summary Comparison of Features

Feature or Component



Up to two AMD64 Opteron 200 Series dual-core processors
(1 MByte L2 cache per core)


Up to eight registered ECC DDR2 DIMMs per CPU (up to 64 GB capacity using 4 GB DIMMs)

Hard disk drives (HDDs)

Four Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) or SATA HDDs (2.5 inch or 63.5 mm)

Service processor

  • MPC8248 PowerPC providing Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) functions
  • One 10/100 Management Ethernet Port to Midplane
  • Remote keyboard/video/mouse (KVMS) over IP
  • Integrated Light Out Manager (ILOM) management interface

RAID options

Four-channel SAS RAID disk controller

Midplane I/O

  • Four 8-lane PCI Express: one per NEM and one per PCI ExpressModule (PCI EM)
  • Two 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, one per network express module (NEM)
  • 10/100 Ethernet management port to the chassis management module (CMM)

Front panel I/O

Dongle connector that interfaces to:

  • VGA graphics
  • Serial console to SP
  • Dual USB ports (keyboard/mouse)

Compact Flash

IDE Compact Flash Module Interface

1.2 Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Orientation

This section contains illustrations that you can use to become familiar with the components of the Sun Blade X6220 server module.

FIGURE 1-1 shows the features of the front panel.

FIGURE 1-1 Sun Fire X6220 Server Module Front Panel

Figure showing server module front panel

caution icon

Caution - Do not use the NMI button unless you are instructed to do so by authorized Service personnel. The Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI) switch sends an NMI order to the CPUs, which is used by Field Service for debugging activities at the request of Service personnel.

FIGURE 1-2 shows how to attach a dongle cable to the Sun Fire X6220 server module universal connection port (UCP). The dongle cable provides the following I/O connections for the server: VGA graphics, serial console to the server module service processor, and dual USB connectors for keyboard/mouse connections.

FIGURE 1-2 Attaching a Dongle Cable to the Server

Figure showing server module dongle cable

caution icon

Caution - If you have a dongle cable connected to a server module, make sure to remove it before closing the door of a rack cabinet. The dongle might be damaged if it is not removed before the cabinet door is closed.

FIGURE 1-3 shows the locations of the Sun Blade X6220 server module replaceable components, with the top cover removed.

FIGURE 1-3 Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Replaceable Component Locations

Diagram showing the locations of the replaceable server module components.

1.3 Accessory Kits

TABLE 1-2 lists the contents of the accessory kit, an option that you can order with the server module.

TABLE 1-2 Accessory Kit


Part Number

Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Tools and Drivers CD


Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Bootable Diagnostics CD


Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Sun Installation Assistant CD


Sun N1 System Manager DVD


Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Installation Guide (printed documentation)


Where to Find Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Documentation (printed sheet)


Additional safety and license documentation


1.4 Additional Options and Replaceable Components

Supported components and their part numbers are subject to change over time. For the most up-to-date list of replaceable components for these servers, see the following URL:


1. Click the name and model of your server.

2. On the product page that opens for the server, click Full Components List for the list of components.

Note - These servers are fully compliant with the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.