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Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Service Manual




1. Introduction to the Sun Blade X6220 Server Module

1.1 Features of the Server Module

1.2 Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Orientation

1.3 Accessory Kits

1.4 Additional Options and Replaceable Components

2. Powering On and Configuring BIOS Settings

2.1 Powering On the Server

2.2 Powering Off the Server

2.3 Configuring BIOS Settings

2.3.1 Changing the Configuration of a BIOS Menu Item

2.3.2 BIOS Considerations

2.3.3 BIOS Setup Screens

2.3.4 BIOS Main Menu Screen

2.3.5 BIOS Advanced Menu Screens

2.3.6 BIOS PCI/PnP Menu Screen

2.3.7 BIOS Boot Menu Screens

2.3.8 BIOS Security Settings Menu

2.3.9 BIOS Chipset Menu Screens

2.3.10 BIOS Exit Option Menu Screen

2.4 Modifying Settings Using Jumpers

2.4.1 Using the Clear CMOS Jumper J1330

2.4.2 Resetting SP and BIOS Passwords Using Jumper J1303

2.4.3 Using the Force-Recovery Jumper J1302

2.5 Updating the BIOS

2.6 Power-On Self-Test (POST)

3. Diagnostics Tools

3.1 Service Processor ILOM

3.2 System Status LEDs

3.2.1 External Status Indicator LEDs

3.2.2 Internal Status Indicator LEDs


3.3.1 How BIOS POST Memory Testing Works

3.3.2 Redirecting Console Output

3.3.3 Changing POST Options

3.4 Hardware Debug Tool (HDT)

3.4.1 HDT Functionality

3.4.2 HDT Access

3.4.3 HDT Commands

3.5 SunVTS Diagnostic Tests

3.5.1 SunVTS Documentation

3.5.2 Diagnosing Server Problems With the Bootable Diagnostics CD

4. Maintaining the Sun Blade X6220 Servers

4.1 Tools and Supplies Needed

4.2 Removing the Server Module From the Chassis and Removing the Cover

4.2.1 Removing the Server Module From the Chassis

4.2.2 Removing the Main Cover

4.3 Locations of Replaceable Components

4.4 Replaceable Component Procedures

4.4.1 Replacing a Hard Disk Drive

4.4.2 Replacing the Battery

4.4.3 Replacing the Compact Flash Module

4.4.4 Replacing Memory Modules (DIMMs)

4.4.5 Replacing the SP Board

4.4.6 Replacing a CPU and Heatsink

4.4.7 Replacing the Motherboard

4.5 Servicetool FRU Update Procedure

A. System Specifications


B.1 POST Codes

B.2 POST Code Checkpoints

C. Connector Pinouts

C.1 Front I/O Dongle

C.2 SAS Connectors

C.3 Service Processor Module

C.4 SAS Diskplane

C.5 SAS Power/LED Connector

C.6 Compact Flash