C H A P T E R  5

Service Processor Issues

This chapter describes the Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Service Processor (SP) issues. It includes the following issues:

Note - If you install the Sun Blade X6220 server into a chassis that is running ILOM version 2.0.x, you must upgrade the Sun Blade X6220 server module to the latest ILOM 2.0.x version in order for the server module to function properly in the chassis.

Issues Specific to ILOM Version (Software 3.0 Release)

No Sensor Support for /SYS/VPS (6819320)

Due to a hardware limitation, there is no sensor to support showing the /SYS/VPS value.


Currently, there is no workaround.

Maximum Open Sessions Cause Out Of Memory Problem (6821203)

ILOM 3.0 memory can only support four user sessions. If additional user sessions are created, it might terminate existing sessions. Also, under some conditions, it might crash the BIOS.


Do not create more than four sessions to ILOM while upgrading ILOM through the Web interface.

ipmi Flash With KCS Interface Does Not Work When Upgrading from ILOM to

Due to an error in the code, do not use the KCS interface when upgrading from to


Currently, there is no workaround.

Issues Specific to ILOM Version (Software 1.1 Release)

Fix for ILOM

Software 1.1 for the Sun Blade X6220 server module contains a build of ILOM with a serious bug. Upgrading to this ILOM version causes FRU data to be lost. Because of this, Software 1.1 has been withdrawn and replaced by Software 1.1a.

ILOM Configuration Corruption (6626767)

The ILOM service processor (SP) provides a persistent SP configuration, which is stored in the internal file system. There are circumstances during which the internal copy of the configuration can be corrupted, making it impossible for an administrator to log in and correct the configuration. These circumstances may include flash upgrade interruption or power interruption.

Use the preferred variable in U-boot to recover from this situation:

1. To enter the SP U-boot environment, type xyzzy when the Booting Linux prompt is displayed on the serial management port:

Booting linux in 2 seconds...


2. Modify the preferred variable to 0 or 1, if present, and boot using the bootpkg command:


setenv preferred 0


3. Perform another flash upgrade of the ILOM SP without preserving the configuration.

Control MIB Documentation (6555038)

The ILOM Control MIB is not documented in the ILOM 1.1 Administration Guide. It is discussed only briefly in the Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager 2.0 User’s Guide.


A more detailed description of the ILOM Control MIB is included in the ILOM User’s Guide that will accompany the ILOM 3.0 firmware release. This additional Control MIB information will include:

“The Sun Control MIB provides objects for configuring and managing all Sun Integrated Lights Out Management functions. Configuration covered by this MIB includes functions such as authorization, authentication, logging, services, networking, and firmware management.”

Certain Keys and Key Combinations Are Unsupported on International Keyboards

When accessing the ILOM Remote Console application (Java Remote Console) using an international keyboard (non-English), certain international keyboard keys and key combinations do not operate correctly. In addition, this issue applies to some international keys that represent more than one character (for example, Shift and AltGraph). This issue pertains to the following locales and international keyboards:


There is currently no ideal workaround as this issue is a language-dependent problem that results from a deficit in the Java software used by Java Remote Console. Sun Field Service personnel should monitor CR 6253172 for information that relates to workarounds for specific locales and international keyboards.

ipmiflash Is Extremely Slow Using the open and bmc Interfaces (6597289)

When ipmiflash is used with the open interface (Linux) or the bmc interface (Solaris) data transfer is extremely slow.


Use the lanplus interface wherever possible. For example, suppose you are using the following Linux command:

ipmiflash -I open write imagefile

Or the following Solaris command:

ipmiflash -I bmc write imagefile

These should both be changed to:

ipmiflash -I lanplus -H ipaddress imagefile

Where ipaddress is the service processor IP address, and imagefile is the image file being flashed.

Locating Uncorrectable and Correctable DIMM Errors (6613126)

To locate the uncorrectable error (UE) DIMM, do the following:

1. Remove the server module from the chassis, and open the server module cover.

2. Press the DIMM error LED button to locate the pair of UE DIMMs.

Refer to the Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Service Manual for the location of this button.

3. Replace both DIMMs in the pair.

To locate the correctable error (CE) DIMM, do the following:

1. Log on to the SP with sunservice account.

2. Run the following command to locate the CE system event log (SEL) message:

ipmitool -H localhost -U root -P changeme sel elist | grep ECC

3. Look for a message such as:

800 | 10/15/2007 | 13:55:45 | Memory | Correctable ECC | Asserted | CPU 1 DIMM 6

Unable to Copy Any File From the Redirected CD-ROM External USB Hard Drive (6611170)

ILOM service processor provides virtual USB CD-ROM media for server OS installation.

The SLES10 SP1 operating system might have problems accessing files on the virtual USB CD-ROM media.


The workaround is to use another method to access files on CD-ROMs, such as the linux mount -o loop capability to mount CD-ROM images directly, for example:

# mount isoimage.iso /mnt -o loop

ILOM Service Processor Might Become Partially Unresponsive After Long Periods of Operation (6590804)

Some functionality of the service processor might not be accessible after it has been operating for long periods of time, such as a couple of weeks. The IPMI interfaces are usually the most resilient, and will respond.


The workaround is to reset the ILOM service processor. For example:

ipmitool -U root -P changeme -H sp_ipaddress bmc reset cold

In rare circumstances, the sunservice Linux account must be used to reboot the service processor. For example:

ssh -l sunservice sp_ipaddress reboot

password: root_password

CMM Remote Console Cannot Detect Changed Server Module IP Address (6581709)

If you change the network address of a server module, the CMM Remote Console might not detect the change.


ILOM CMM Remote Console must be relaunched after changes to the network addresses of blade SPs.

Serial Baud Setting of 19200 Causes Console to Display Garbage Characters (6574078)

If the ILOM service processor is set to the 19200 baud rate, garbage characters might display with start SP console.


Use 9600 baud, or 115200, if problems occur.

Additional Service Processor Issues

ipmiflash With KCS/Open Cannot Be Used to Flash the SP (6749838)

Use an alternative method to flash the Sun Blade X6220 server module SP.

Information on updating the SP firmware can be found in the Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager 2.0 User’s Guide and Sun Blade X6220 Server Release Notes.

ILOM Upgrade Must Be Done Twice (6700197)

A fix of CR6673674 modifies u-boot. If you upgrade the SP from a version before to or later, you must upgrade the SP twice to ensure that u-boot is upgraded.

See Resetting SP Without Rebooting OS Disables Console (6673674) for more information.

ILOM SP Lockup (6471005, 6535963)

The ILOM service processor (SP) might in rare circumstances stop responding on the serial management port. If the ILOM SP or one of the user interfaces become unresponsive, reset and restart the SP using one of the following methods:


caution icon Caution - Power cycling all server modules using the CMM commands will shut off power from all server modules.

/CH fault_state clear_fault Action Must be Correctly Updated (6488637)

The fault_state/clear_fault properties actions are not operational on the ILOM.


To monitor faults and Chassis Monitoring Module (CMM) status, view the existing IPMI, SDR, and sensor indicators.

Green Power OK LED Does Not Illuminate Until SP Boots (6523507, 6464862)

The green power OK LED does not illuminate until the SP boots.

This fix is planned for a future release.

/SYS/HDDx/STATE Displays Not Present (6519952)

The ILOM service processor CLI does not display correct hard drive (HDD) STATE information. The Sun Blade X6220 server module does not have hard drive sensors, this causes the Not Present instead of N/A state information to display in the CLI.

You can safely ignore this message.


Do not use the IPMI protocol command to warm reset the BMC (Baseboard Management Controller).

show -l all Command Returns Partial Results (6527725)

The show all command returns partial results when two show all commands are run simultaneously.


To avoid this issue, do not execute two show -l all commands simultaneously.

CMM Does Not Change or Detect Sun Blade T6300 Server Module SP (6531753, 6529037)

The CMM might not allow you to change or detect the Sun Blade T6300 server module IP address. To change the IP address, connect to the server module service processor, then use the server module service processor ILOM interfaces to update and display the IP address.

There are several methods available to access the blade ILOM, use one of the following workarounds:


IPMItool SEL Log Displays Predictive Failure Messages for Drive Slots (6483600, 6646035)

When running a Linux operating system, the IPMItool SEL Log might display predictive failure messages. If this happens, you might see the following messages:

ipmitool -H <spip> -U <username> -P <password> sensor sel list | grep Drive
2a00 | 01/26/2007 | 14:22:19 | Drive Slot #0x25 | Predictive Failure Asserted
2b00 | 01/26/2007 | 14:22:20 | Drive Slot #0x24 | Predictive Failure Asserted
2c00 | 01/26/2007 | 14:22:21 | Drive Slot #0x23 | Predictive Failure Asserted
2d00 | 01/26/2007 | 14:22:22 | Drive Slot #0x22 | Predictive Failure Asserted

You can safely ignore these messages. This will be fixed in a further release.

CLI Does Not Display Updated Sensor Threshold Information (6512503)

The CLI does not display newly generated sensor threshold information correctly.


To view the updated sensor threshold information, use the following IPMItool command:

ipmitool -H <spip> -U <username> -P <password> sensor