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Sun Blade X6220 Server Module Product Notes




1. Introduction

Software and Firmware Updates

Software Release 3.0

Software Release 2.1

Software Release 2.0

Software Release 1.2

Software Release 1.1a

Software Release 1.0.2

Software Release 1.0.1

Available Software

Windows Server 2003 R2 Operating System

Solaris 10 Operating System

Sun Java Enterprise System

Sun xVM Ops Center

Sun N1 System Manager

Available Utilities

Diagnosing Server Problems With the Bootable Diagnostics CD-ROM

2. Hardware Issues and Notes

Hardware Issues

Boot From SIA CD Might Fail Using USB CD-ROM Connected to the Dongle (6680165, 6743106)

Upgrading LSI FW Generates Mismatch Error (6690569)

GbE PCI EM (X7282A-Z) LED Colors Are Different Than Usual GbE NIC Cards (6667636)

Undetermined System Hardware Failure in SEL When Installing or Removing a PCI EM (6658048)

Sun Keyboard Does Not Work During POST if Connected to Top USB Port (6501086)

CMOS Boot Device Setting Reverts to Default Value (6506911)

FSCK SCSI Appears in System Log (6487329)

Slow Mouse Redirection Through JavaRConsole (6502777)

HDD Activity LED Does Not Blink (6523000)

Removing Disk Drive Damages EMI Gasket (6527633)

SCSI Errors on RAID Arrays During Hot or Cold Swap (6529280)

I2C Bridge Chip Timeout (6532202)

SCSI Timeout Message At Boot (6559618)

Hardware Notes

Dongle Cables

3. Software Notes and Issues

General Software Issues

Some Arguments in suncfg Tool Cause System Hang (6653448)

Solaris Issues

Hot Swap Function for Some PEMs Does Not Work in Solaris 10 10/08 (6832875, 6809171, 6810312, 6810949)

Checksum Error in UDP Application on Solaris 10 10/08 With X7287A-Z and X1028A-Z PCI Ems (6832874, 6771690)

NIC Path Names Change if the X7284A-Z PCI EM Is Inserted Into Slot 1 (6705317)

FMA Error With A SG-(X)PCIE8SAS-EB-Z PCI EM (6717153)

Upgrade to BIOS 30 (or Higher) From BIOS 29 (or Lower) Causes Solaris NIC Path Change (6648545)

Solaris OS Does Not Support Hot-insertion or Hot-removal of an Infiniband PCI EM (6424701)

PCI SERR is Logged When Solaris 10 Boots (6603801)

Certificate Hostname Mismatch Causes Web Interface Services to Stop (6587000)

SunVTS 6.3 Might Encounter an Issue in Solaris 10 Update 3

Opening a Kernel Debugging Session on the Default Console Cause a System Hang (6506791)

AMD Erratum 131 Warning Message During Solaris Startup (6447850)

Linux Issues

nxge Gigabit Ethernet Drivers For X1028A-Z and X7287A-Z PCI EMs on RHEL5.3 (6832823)

Drivers Not Available for X1028A-Z and X7287A-Z PCI EMs for SLES 9 SP 4 64-bit (6706014)

Hot Swap of PCI EMs Might Not Work With RHEL 4 Update 6 64-bit (6721600)

Hot Plugging of a X7284A-Z PCI EM Does Not Work With SLES 9 SP4 64-bit (6706585)

Swap File Not Mounted for SLES 10 SP1 Under Xen FV (6655098)

Onboard NIC Network Throughput is Less Than Expected With a Linux OS (6647098)

CF Access and Booting Not Supported for RHEL 5.0 (6639144)

NEM NIC Fails When Network Stress is Heavy With SLES10 SP1 and SLES9 SP3 (6610532)

Full Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4U4 Installation Might not Fit on the Compact Flash (6564755)

RHEL 4U4, 4U5 and RHEL 5 Do Not Work With Root Partition Installed on LVM (6566104)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Guest OS Might Hang Using Default Memory Allocation (6536456)

PCI Express Hotplug Requirement (6525667)

Linux Installation From CD Fails (6495764)

RHEL4 U4 Reboot Hangs Intermittently (6492128)

RHEL4 U4 x64 Cannot Find CD Media Right Before Mediacheck Option (6497631)

Bootup Warning Message While Initializing TSC (6507275)

SLES 10 Installation Might Cause a Blank Screen (6507278)

Ethernet Device Reorders When Ethernet PCI EMs are Inserted (6507284)

Error Message Displayed in /var/log/messages (6514173, 6624282)

Bootup Warning Message (6518362)

RHEL4 U4 Inaccessible Via the Service Processor (6492134)

OFED1.1 Driver Does Not Compile on RHEL4 U4 and SLES 10 Operating Systems (6553612, 6529180, 6528151, 6528155)

Warning Message During RHEL4 U5 Bootup (6603550)

Windows Issues

Preinstalled Windows Server 2003 R2

Cannot Restore Video When Booted Without Dongle/VGA Cable (6534613)

VMware Issues

VMware ESX 3.0.1 Does not Support Ethernet Ports (6521550)

VMware ESX 3.0.1 Reverses Network Interface Numbers (6521559)

4. BIOS Issues

Hard Disk Drive String Disappears When Ctrl-C is Pressed (6483593)

5. Service Processor Issues

Issues Specific to ILOM Version (Software 3.0 Release)

No Sensor Support for /SYS/VPS (6819320)

Maximum Open Sessions Cause Out Of Memory Problem (6821203)

ipmi Flash With KCS Interface Does Not Work When Upgrading from ILOM to

Issues Specific to ILOM Version (Software 1.1 Release)

Fix for ILOM

ILOM Configuration Corruption (6626767)

Control MIB Documentation (6555038)

Certain Keys and Key Combinations Are Unsupported on International Keyboards (6637412)

ipmiflash Is Extremely Slow Using the open and bmc Interfaces (6597289)

Locating Uncorrectable and Correctable DIMM Errors (6613126)

Unable to Copy Any File From the Redirected CD-ROM External USB Hard Drive (6611170)

ILOM Service Processor Might Become Partially Unresponsive After Long Periods of Operation (6590804)

CMM Remote Console Cannot Detect Changed Server Module IP Address (6581709)

Serial Baud Setting of 19200 Causes Console to Display Garbage Characters (6574078)

Additional Service Processor Issues

ipmiflash With KCS/Open Cannot Be Used to Flash the SP (6749838)

ILOM Upgrade Must Be Done Twice (6700197)

ILOM SP Lockup (6471005, 6535963)

/CH fault_state clear_fault Action Must be Correctly Updated (6488637)

Green Power OK LED Does Not Illuminate Until SP Boots (6523507, 6464862)

/SYS/HDDx/STATE Displays Not Present (6519952)

show -l all Command Returns Partial Results (6527725)

CMM Does Not Change or Detect Sun Blade T6300 Server Module SP (6531753, 6529037)

IPMItool SEL Log Displays Predictive Failure Messages for Drive Slots (6483600, 6646035)

CLI Does Not Display Updated Sensor Threshold Information (6512503)

6. Fixed Issues

General Fixed Issues

LSI RAID Requires 1.6 GB Disk Space (6535552)

Unable to Establish Connections After Multiple TCP/UDP Connections (6425708)

raidctl Utility Reports RAID-1E Volumes as IS Rather Than IME (6508590)

Service Manual Does Not Have a Complete Description of HDD LED Activity Status (6686568)

Issues Fixed in Software Releases

Issues Fixed in Software Release 3.0

Issues Fixed in Software Release 2.0

AMD Erratum 131 Warning Message During Solaris Startup (6447850)

Issues Fixed in Software Release 1.2

Issues Fixed in Software Release 1.1

Issues Fixed in Software Release 1.0.2

Issues fixed in Software Release 1.0.1

Documentation Issues

Fixed Documentation Issues

Service Manual Does Not Have a Complete Description of HDD LED Activity Status (6686568)

References to Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Documentation