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System Management Services 1.2 man pages Index
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savecmdsync.1mcommand synchronization commands
setbus.1mperform dynamic bus reconfiguration on active expanders in a domain
setdatasync.1mmodify the data propagation list used in data synchronization
setdate.1mset the date and time for the system controller (SC) or a domain
setdefaults.1mremove all instances of a previously active domain
setfailover.1mmodify the state of the system controller (SC) failover mechanism
setkeyswitch.1mchange the position of the virtual keyswitch
setobpparams.1mset up OpenBoot PROM variables for a domain
setupplatform.1mset up the available component list for domains
showboards.1mshow the assignment information and status of the boards
showbus.1mdisplay the bus configuration of expanders in active domains
showcmdsync.1mdisplay the current command synchronization list
showcomponent.1mdisplay the blacklist status for a component
showdatasync.1mdisplay the status of system controller (SC) data synchronization for failover
showdate.1mdisplay the date and time for the system controller (SC) or a domain
showdevices.1mdisplay system board devices and resource usage information
showenvironment.1mdisplay the environmental data
showfailover.1mmanage or display system controller (SC) failover status
showkeyswitch.1mdisplay the position of the virtual keyswitch
showlogs.1mdisplay message log files
showobpparams.1mdisplay OpenBoot PROM bring up parameters for a domain
showplatform.1mdisplay the board available component list and domain state for each of the domains
showxirstate.1mdisplay CPU dump information after sending a reset pulse to the processors
smsbackup.1mback up the SMS environment
smsconfig.1mconfigures the SMS environment
smsconnectsc.1maccesses a remote SC console
smsrestore.1mrestore the SMS environment
smsversion.1mchange the active version of SMS to another co-resident version of the SMS software
ssd.1mSMS startup daemon
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